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== == Turn off the power. Take the box apart. Attach the box to the wall either using the studs inside the wall (if there are no holes in the box to let you do this, you need to drill them into the metal box...if this is beyond your skill level call an electrician) Or else, attach the box surface-mount style if there is enough room behind the appliance. (If there are holes in the back of the outlet box, attach the box that way using screws to the nearest wall stud.)




If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power

at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work


always use an electricians test meter having metal-tipped probes

(not a simple proximity voltage indicator)

to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

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Q: How do you attach an existing 240v 60hz 40 outlet box which has come out of the wall?
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Will 220v 60hz work on 240v 60hz whitout any problem?

Most appliciances that are built for use with 220V would normally be fine with 240V. In most cases, they are also labeled 220-240V. Depending on how critical the application is, you should probably check with the manufacturer.

Can you plug a British device that supports 220 to 240v and 50 or 60hz into a 220v US NEMA 6 20 outlet using an adapter?

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How do you wire a 240V 60Hz 20A convection oven?

two hot one ground

Which countries use electricity voltage 220-240V 60HZ?

Canada and the US are two.

Can a 230v 50 Hz transformer works at 220v 60hz?

Yes, there is no problem using a transformer specified for 230V-50Hz with a voltage of 220V-60Hz. Transformers in this range of voltage are designed for 220 to 240V and 50 to 60Hz.

Will a 240V 60Hz microwave oven work with 240V 50Hz power?

Could you please give us a name of a 240 V 60 Hz microwave? Thank you

How many volts does your electric clothes dryer usually run on?

In North America, the standard is 240V, 60Hz.

How do you connect a 230volt 60Hz air conditioning unit with one phase wire to a 240 volt 60Hz two phase south American supply?

Treat the USA 2 Phases as 1, its called split phase, instead of Line and Neutral, you ahve two phases but they deliver 240v, this will not hurt a 230v machine as the chances are that you are NOT getting 240v supply at the delivery point anyway. As long as the machine si 60Hz and supply 60Hz, you will not have a problem

Will a 220v 60Hz appliance opperate with a power supply of 240v 50Hz?

It must state on the appliance, that it will work at 240v, 50hz. If it does not clearly state it on the name plate, damage to the appliance will occur.

Do Indian electrical devices work in US?

No India uses 240V at 50Hz the U.S. uses 110V at 60Hz.

Can you connect a 240v 60hz machine into 230v 50hz?

It makes a great difference what the machine is as to whether is can work on a different frequency.

Can you use a 60Hz variac in a 50 Hz outlet?

Yes, you can use a 60Hz variac in a 50 Hz outlet. However, since the frequency is less, the current and power dissipation will be greater, making the efficiency less. It will not carry its rated load.

Can Bose SoundDock with power rating 110-240V 50-60Hz be connected in Europe without a converter or adapter?


How do you connect a 115VAC 60Hz 10W cooling fan to a normal home outlet?

you need a transformer

Can you run your neon sign of 120v 50hz 60hz 0.6a 7.5kv 30mA in an Australian 240v power outlet?

No. The neon sign is fed by a step-up transformer. Primary side 120V, secondary side 7500V. If you applied 240 to the primary side you would get 15000 volts on the neon tube. A flash over and then nothing. If you can find a transformer from 120V to 240V or 240V to 120V then you are good to go. Connect 240V to 240V side and you will get 120V out the other, connect the 120V side to the neon sign and you should have light. Transformer should be at least 100va. This will give you an output of .83 amps at 120V

Can you plug a 120 240V 60Hz appliance into a 230V 50Hz outlet?

If it is a 120 240 v appliance you need to make sure it is connected for 240 v. Then if it has magnetic parts there might be a problem. In general equipment designed for 50 HZ is OK on 60 Hz but not the other way round.

Will a 240v 60Hz generator work in a 230v 50Hz home?

no, i asked and search about this issue, doing this will damage the motor, wire, adaptor....etc with time

How can you make a 240V 60hz electric generator work at 240V 50hz?

The frequency of the generated voltage depends on the speed of your engine. I assume it's a gasoline engine. It's probably spinning at about 3600 rpm. You need to get a mechanic to fiddle with the govenor and drop it down to 3000 rpm. 50HZ is 83 percent of 60Hz so you need 83 percent of whatever speed you are currently running. My question is, why bother?

How can you convert US 120V or 240V circuit into a single-phase 240V circuit to use on a European appliance?

The voltage isn't a problem, you can run 220 from your house and use that to run a European appliance, the problem is whether the appliance is dependant on line HZ. European is 50HZ and US is 60HZ. If the appliance specifies 220/50HZ, it will probably give you trouble here. If it says 220V/50 or 60HZ

Can you operating 240v 60hz single phase electric kiln on 240v 50hz single phase power supply system?

If the kiln is strictly a resistance heating element, with no motor, then yes, it should work fine. Warning: the opposite, that is running a 240V 50hz (European) appliance from US 240V 60hz mains is very dangerous and should not be attempted. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicatorto insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

Can you plug a 220V 60Hz hotplate into a 230V 50Hz outlet?

You can but it would be wise not to. Most 60hz appliances will not work at 50 Hz. <<>> Yes, no problem at all. The frequency does not enter into the equation because the hot plate is a strictly resistive load.

Is there a difference between Australian and American power supplies?

There is a difference. For one thing, Australia works at 50hz and America at 60hz, and in domestic supply, Australia works at 240v and America at 110v.

Will a 230V 50Hz appliance work on a 240V 60Hz supply. In Canada we have 240V 60Hz and European kitchen appliances are made for 230V 50Hz. Can you use an EU fridge oven cooktop dishwasher microwave?

It depends on the appliance; some motors rely on the mains frequency of 50Hz to operate at the correct speed so changing to 60Hz might cause problems. It's probably best to check the manufacturer's website for the appliance's specifications; that should say the range of mains voltages/frequencies supported. For more information see the answer to the Related Questionshown below. == ==