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you can use hot glue gun or floural wire

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Q: How do you attach jewels or buttons to bobby pins?
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What is the collective noun for cotton pins and buttons?

Collective nouns for cotton are:a bale of cottona bolt of cottona spool of cottonThe collective noun for pins is a paper of pins.The collective noun for buttons is a row of buttons.

Where can you find bobby pins in Fallout 3?

In bathrooms throughout the game there are often first aid kits and inside you will usually find bobby pins (not all contain them). You can also kill ghouls who sometimes have bobby pins.

How do you hold a kippah on?

With bobby pins.

What category does cotton pins and buttons go into?


How do you use bobby pins?

Bobby pins are great for thick to medium hair. They will fall right out of thin hair. You use bobby pins by just taking a piece of good sized hair and slipping in the bobby pin. The style today is to take a bit of hair from the front and to pull it back. Then you slip in the bobby pink in the middle of your hair line. :)

What way do you wear a bobby pin Crimp side up or flat side?

Crimp side up!

Name something women put in their hair?

bobby pins

Are military buttons and pins real gold?

In some cases, maybe plated.

Can you bring bobby pins in your carry on?

yes you can. I work airport security.

Is it safe to put bobby pins in an American Girl Doll's hair?


Where can you get colorful bobby pins?

You can get some online from Ulta, or WalMart, or your local five-and-dime.

How do you put bobby pins in your hair?

get the pi part and put it threw a knot in your hair.

What can you use to secure a tiara to your head?

To secure a tiara to your head you can use bobby pins. Make sure the bobby pins are the same color as hair and securely in hair without being painful. Hairspray can also help the tiara from slipping.

How can you keep your bangs out of you face without a headband bobby pins or clips?

style it with hairspray (lots) or make it styled with side bangs:D i also recommend using mousse or gel or something, but the best way is to use bobby pins or a headband.

Do the Amish have a superstition dealing with buttons?

No, not a superstition, but they believe in dressing plain. Buttons can be used to show off and draw attention. That is one thing they do not want to do. Therefore they don't use buttons, but use straight pins or hooks instead.

Where do you get multi colored bobby pins like pink and green?

a hair shop or craft store

Where can you buy bobby pins?

Any super center, such as Walmart, Zellers, and shoppers drug mart.

How do you poof up prom dresses?

Use a hula hoop and bobby pins for the end of dress

What are bobby pins made out of?

i think it is made of of metal and usually have a plastic coat over top

How do you get your hair curly without using curlers or braids?

Pin curls-using bobby pins.

What inventions changed people lives in 1932?

bobby pins jet propulsion mars bars

How do you keep a wig secure?

There are several ways to keep a wig secure. The easiest and best way is to use bobby pins. Simply slide the bobby pins into the cap of the wig and then into your own hair. Use a few in different areas to minimize any slipping.

What can be another way of using a pin?

You use pins to pin a pattern to a piece of fabric, allowing you to cut it to the right shape. You can also use pins to attach notes to bulletin boards.

How do you make a paper skeleton?

Cut out a shape of a skeleton and attach split pins to the arms and legs so it can move.

Can you crimp your hair with bobby pins?

yeah just take a bobby pin and open it so its in the v shape.then weave your hair throught it and put a straightner on it for like 2 seconds and then take the bobby pin out