How do you attach steps to a panel in a 2 story cage?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you attach steps to a panel in a 2 story cage?
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What do you do when herbert the bear is pulling the gold puffle in club penguin mission 10?

Either attach Jet-pack guys jet-pack to the cage or turn all the lights to the solar panel.

How do you get a ladder to attach to a floor in hamsterz2?

To do this you need to get the platform on a angle on the one side or the cage were there is no gaps between the platform and the side of the cage, Then attach the ladder to the platform opposite the plat form.

Can you attach tubes to a hamster cage that has bars?

No you can't I tried to but it didn't work so I got a new cage

How do you attach a bar cage waterbottle to a glaas tank?

velcro is the best!

How do you get out of the blue cage in club penguin?

You throw a snowball at the glowing control panel. The control panel has got a lightning bolt on it.

How do you free the punies from the cage in paper Mario?

There is a panel on the floor you can ground pound.

How do you fit 3 point harnesses in a saxo?

remove rear seat, fit roll cage, attach to that.

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shaggy did not "escaped" from any cage. end of story.

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No, you should not put your Guinea pig in a two story cage because there is a chance that it might fall and injure itself.

How do you keep hamster cages shut?

Close the door of the cage. To keep your small animals cage shut, you should close the doors. If you don't feel safe with that, attach little clasps for axtra precaution.

How do you put an advertisement in booths about selling a gerbil cage?

Write out your advert on a piece of paper, and then attach it to the wall of the booth with a piece of tape.