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remove rear seat, fit roll cage, attach to that.

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Q: How do you fit 3 point harnesses in a saxo?
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What other car seats can you fit in a citroen saxo?

Citroen Saxo's will take most equipment fitted to a Peugeot 106. They are basically the same car underneath, with some minor cosmetic changes. Go find a Peugeot 106 Gti and get the leather interior from that to pimp the undoubtedly dodgy fabric seats in your saxo. Of course you can got for aftermarket (Corbeau, Recaro etc) but may be limited on price for decent seats that would pivot forward for a 3 door vehicle.

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What are some features of the Saxo VTR?

There are many popular features of the Saxo VTR Japanese automobile, including a 120 HP, 16 valve engine, and vented front and rear brake discs. Beginning in 1997, Saxo VTR models also included their signature, patented 3 Speed Automatic Gearbox.

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stage 1 20nm stage 2 120 degrees stage 3 120 degrees

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