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The best way to find auditions and open calls for movies and tv shows is through the app, Actor Genie. It was developed by Heidi Levitt, who is a very well known casting director (just Google her and she'll come up EVERYWHERE). This app also gives contact information for many different agents or managers, as well as do's and dont's of the audition room. Any actor who wants to be successful should download this app!! Or you can visit their website ( or look them up on twitter. Its probably the most reliable way to find casting calls.

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Q: How do you audition to be in a movie?
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Where do you audition for the Justin Biebers 3D movie?

You can't audition for his 3D movie

How do you audition for a Disney Channel movie?

I believe you audition in Hollywood, California

How can you star in a movie?

How you can star in a movie is that you have to audition to be the star in a movie.

How do you get a role in a movie?


Where and when do I audition to be in an upcoming movie?

you have to get an agent and normally if your agent thinks the movie is appropriate they will ask you if you would like to audition for it and if you do then you go to the place that your agent tells you that is hosting the shoot and you go and audition.

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What do you need to audition for a movie?

A brain

How can you audition for a Lemony Snicket movie?

Since there isn't any sequel in the works yet, you can't. To audition for any movie, you have to go to the audition. To do that, you need an agent. Look Agent up in the Yellow Pages.

Where can an 11 year old boy audition for a movie?

An 11-year-old boy can audition for a movie at one of the studios in Hollywood, CA.

Does Anyone know how to get tryouts for a movie?

The best and easiest way to get an audition for a movie is to join an agency. They will inform you when there is a role available and set up the audition.

Give you a movie audition for the next transformers movie?

i do not understand your question

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You Need a Monoluge for a movie audition?

what is a monoluge?

Does it cost money to audition for a movie?

Usually not.

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if you audition, yes.

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down in LA

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Audition for a movie he's going to be in?

Where can you audition for The Lightning Thief movie?

unfortunately, auditions are closed and the movie is completed.

How do you do a movie with Selena gomez?

You have to see castings for a movie with Selena Gomez in it and audition:)

Where are auditions for Septimus Heap the movie?

Audition dates haven't been announced yet; I also want to audition!

How old do you have to be to audition for a movie?

Any age really

What is the best site to get a movie audition? but you have to pay :(

How do you audition for the Clique Movie based on books by Lisi Harrison without doing the online audition?

Umm...There is no way that i know of to audition without making a video and putting on there website

How do you get the part in a movie?

You have to audition for the movie. Usually to get the part you want you have to look like the description of the character. It might be easier to start off getting an agent. Then you can talk to your agent about the part and they can call of the director to get you an audition for the movie.

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