Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections)

How do you avoid urinary tract infection?

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1. Drink more water. A minimum of 2 L per day. If you are

exercising, or sitting in the sun, on a boat, etc. drink more. To

make this more palatable, try adding crystal lite, lemon juice,


2, Drink cranberry juice.

3. Booze, coffee and tea don't count as "water" because they are

diuretic - they make you pee more. However, making you pee more is

a good thing because it flushes out the bladder. No need to give

them up.

4. Use pantyliners.

5. Do not use nylon or synthetic fabric next to your genitals.

Use natural fiber underwear. Feels great too!

6. Handwash your undies in shampoo or tide. Rinse, and rinse

again. Soap residue can irritate. And your undies will last


7. Don't even THINK about putting soap near your genitals. Use

gentle, mild cleansers like Aveeno or even just water. Shower at

least twice a day.

8. Bladder infections can flare up or get worse with a new sex

partner. Take it easier, this isn't a marathon. Make sure he/she

knows the right buttons to push, and the ones to leave alone. This

is also true of masturbation.

9. They also get worse before a period. Shower more frequently

in cool water.

10. You don't always have to wear underwear every minute of the

day. Sleep naked, and walk around without undies. Let the air get

at your parts and they will thank you in their own little way.

If your bladder infection continues or if you are passing blood

get medical help immediately. if you are able, pee into a bottle

with a seal and show the medical professional.

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