How do you bake a potato?

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The website below provides a good step by step tutorial with pictures on how to bake a potato. Pretty basic, though cooking time varies depending on size. Typically I buy rather large potatoes and it takes closer to 90 minutes. Stabbing the things open with a fork and checking is the best way to check.

If you'd like to grill them out instead (tastes much better over charcoal in my opinion, but it takes so long that its often a pain to do on the grill and expensive if you have a gas grill) you can go to the other link below to find out how. Happy Cooking!

You can also bake it in the microwave but it's not as tasty but a good option if you don't have a oven or a grill. Just put it on a plate and bake it for 10-20 min depending on how big it is. It varies between micros so you have to experiment a little.

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Q: How do you bake a potato?
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