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The website below provides a good step by step tutorial with pictures on how to bake a potato. Pretty basic, though cooking time varies depending on size. Typically I buy rather large potatoes and it takes closer to 90 minutes. Stabbing the things open with a fork and checking is the best way to check.

If you'd like to grill them out instead (tastes much better over charcoal in my opinion, but it takes so long that its often a pain to do on the grill and expensive if you have a gas grill) you can go to the other link below to find out how. Happy Cooking!

You can also bake it in the microwave but it's not as tasty but a good option if you don't have a oven or a grill. Just put it on a plate and bake it for 10-20 min depending on how big it is. It varies between micros so you have to experiment a little.

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Who knew you could bake a potato?

I knew you could bake a potato...

How long do you bake a potato in a microwave?

Well 1 potato is about 2:30 or you can get a microwave that has a bake potato button on it.

How can I bake a potato in the slow cooker?

Oil its surface, cover, and bake

Can you Bake a potato at 425?


Can you bake potato cakes?


How do you bake a half of potato?

you boil it and make mash potatoes , or bake it in a oven...

If you are going to bake a potato in foil do you poke the potato before or after covering with foil?


Is baking a potato endothermic or exothermic?

Endothermic because you have to put heat into the potato to bake it.

How many minutes does it take to bake one potato?

You can bake one potato in a microwave in about 3 minutes. Test it with a fork to see if it is cooked right through. In a traditional oven it is wasteful to bake one potato. You can fill your oven with potatoes and bake them all in about ten minutes. Make sure the oven is hot enough to start with.

How long do you bake a potato at 325 degrees?

Bake for 1.25 to 1.50 hours at 400 degrees

What is the baking time and temperature for sweet potatoes?

Bake a sweet potato the same as for a russet potato. Bake at 400 degrees for one hour. It's done when you can easily poke a fork into the potato. Bon Appetit!

How long do you bake a potato?

30 to 45 min.

How long do you bake a potato in the microwave?

Until its cooked

What should you bake?

fried chicken and mash potato

How long does it take to cook a baked potato?

It takes about an hour to bake a potato at 350 degrees.

How do you cook potato peels?

You can fry or bake them. Fried potato peels are like potato chips. Ensure they are clean before you cook them.

How long do you bake whole red potatoes?

The larger the potato, the longer it will take to bake, but the average time is about 30 minutes to an hour at 350 to 400 degrees. Wrapping the potato in foil will allow the heat to stay in the potato better.

How long do you have to bake a potato at 275 degrees?

Three hours.

On Runescape how do you bake a potato?

Use it on an oven, and ONLY an oven.

Why do you think the nail makes the potato bake faster?


What temperature to bake sweet potato in oven?


Can you bake an Idaho potato?

Sure. People do it all the time.

What temp and time to bake a potato?

'Till it blows up.

What temp to cook bake potato?

400 degrees. For best results, wash the potato and poke it all over with a fork then cover the potato with salt. Wrap the potato in aluminum foil and bake at 400 degrees for about 90 minutes for a large potato and about 60 minutes for medium potatoes.

A potato into which several nails have been pushed bakes faster than a similar potato with no nailsexplain?

The nails get hot quickly so they bake the potato