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Q: How do you be romantic to your boyfriend?
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What do you do if your boyfriend is not romantic?

If your boyfriend is not romantic, then you have to make him romantic. He has to learn that to be with a nice girl, he has to be romantic. Watch chick flics with him. Tell him to get you flowers and chocolates. Make him love you.

What does a girl expect from her boyfriend?

that he will be nice and romantic with her

How do you do romantic chat with boyfriend?

show your care and love

What is something romantic you can get your teenage boyfriend for Valentines Day?

A videogame

What is the most romantic name a girl can give her boyfriend?


What do you do with your boyfriend when your bored?

Spend more time together, be romantic!

What is the description of a boyfriend?

A boyfriend in modern times is a romantic partner. Having a boyfriend ss teemo be trendy nowadays. A boyfriend is also allowed to physically and emotionally interact with his girlfriend.

What is a romantic lunch?

A romantic lunch, is one between the couple or say the boyfriend and his fiance at hotel by themselves and having live music.

Is the beach a good place to go with your boyfriend?

yes, its very romantic

What is the most romantic thing to say to your boyfriend?

Supper is on the table, honey!

Would you like it if your boyfriend was a good singer and he sang to you?

Yes, that is romantic.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to break it off?

If your boyfriend has told you that he wants to "break it off", typically it means that your boyfriend wants to end the romantic relationship that he has with you.

How can you show your boyfriend that you really love him?

I would take him out to eat and then on a romantic ride and back to your house were you set a romantic candle light movie.

Is Justin Bieber a controlling boyfriend?

Probably not.. he describes himself as a romantic guy ;)

What romantic stuff can you do for your boyfriend?

Romantic Stuff you can do for your boyfriend: > Research on your boyfriend's favorite dish and cook it for him for dinner. > Buy a sexy brief bikini for him. Black color is recommended. > Whisper how much you love him in a starry night.

You want to have a romantic relationship with your boyfriend but you dont know if he feels the same way how can you find out?

Ask if he wants to go out on a romantic place, if he doesn't want to go to a romantic place with you go to the movies or something

What is girls make happy?

girl can happy,if they boyfriend give something,that the girl never have it before. that their boyfriend do something special, no need to be romantic

How do you start a romantic relationship on the sims sociallatio?

You do romantic actions until the option "propose going steady" comes up. Click that and your sim will have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you have a boyfriend and you want to kiss him how do you get him in the mood to kiss?

Go on a date to somewhere romantic and get him in the mood of it.

How do you kiss your boyfriend in grade six?

Watch some romantic comedies and just do what you see them do

How can you have fun with your boyfriend?

go out , have vacation together , find a romantic place to go or have a sex.

What is something sweet and romantic that you could get your 13 year old boyfriend for Christmas?

a condom

Is the manga 'Absolute Boyfriend' sad?

While Absolute Boyfriend is mostly a romantic comedy, it does have its serious and sometimes sad moments, and the ending is a bit of a tearjerker.

What would be the perfect gift for your boyfriend?

If you have been dating your boyfriend for awhile and you want to give him a special and romantic gift, you could give him a unique gift One of a kind gift is a romantic message. This is the perfect way to express your true feelings to your boyfriend. I think this would definitely make the perfect gift. Hope this helps!

How do you know what if your truly in love with if your boyfriend?

U will feel connected and will be able to be around him and be romantic with out making out