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The short answer: practice. The long answer: You might need a private instructor to make sure your technique is good. While taking private lessons, you need to practice the fundamentals: scales, lip slurs, etc. Then when you are practicing your music, you need to practice it perfectly. Meaning, get a measure perfect before running through the piece. If you are making a mistake - stop and fix that mistake until you can play it perfectly 4 or 5 times in a row. Remember the words of Vince Lombardi: Practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice it wrong, you will always get it wrong.

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What section is a trumpet in an orchestra?

The trumpet is part of the brass section.

Who is miles Davis?

Miles Davis was a professional trumpet player. Who was Miles Davis? He was the BEST Trumpet player whoever lived!

What is the best trumpet in the world?

There is no "best" trumpet. Even among top tier trumpets, one trumpet may suit one player, but not work well for another.

How many octaves can the best trumpet player hit?

There is no certain "best trumpet player", but there are recordings of players "screaming" as high as 5 octaves above staff. Screaming refers to the type of sound the trumpet makes at those pitches.

How do you know if you are a trumpet player?

Do you play the trumpet? Congratulations, you are a trumpet player.

What instrument is in woodwinds Trumpet or Flute?

The Flute is in the Woodwind section/family and the Trumpet is in the Brass section/family.

What part of the orchestra does the trumpet belong to?

Trumpet is in the brass section.

What section of the orchestra does the trumpet belong to?

The brass section.

Does trumpet 1 mean you are better than trumpet 3?

Yes, the trumpet 1 part is normally harder than trumpet 2 or 3 and normally the best player or players play on the first trumpet part.

Who is the best living trumpet player?

i would say Wynton Marsalis

Was Miles Davis the best jazz trumpet player of all time?


What is the player a trumpet called?

A "trumpet player" can be called a trumpeter. :)

What section of the orchestra does a trumpet sit?

brass section that's on the right.

Is a trumpet percussion?

no, percussion is things like the drums etc. The trumpet is in the brass section.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Trumpet Player - 2014?

The cast of The Trumpet Player - 2014 includes: Franklin Killian as Trumpet Player

What mouth piece did art blakey use on trumpet?

Are you sure you mean Art Blakey? To the best of my knowledge, he was a jazz drummer, not a trumpet player.

Does the trumpet play the melody or harmony?

The trumpet can play either type of part. In bands it's common for the trumpet section to play parts of the melody, while in orchestras it's common for the trumpet section to play a more supporting role.

Which instrument is the leader of the brass section?


What musical section does a trumpet belong to?


What is the lead instrument of the brass section?


What is the answer to the analogy lion is to roar as what is to trumpet?

Player. The lion makes the roar, and the player plays the trumpet.

Is Louis Armstrong the best trumpet player who evrer lived?

"Best" is a matter of opinion, and there is no real way to answer the question.

How do you get signed by playing the trumpet?

If you mean getting signed as a professional player, it's difficult. There are thousands and thousands of aspiring trumpet players out there, and most of them aren't as good as they think they are. For symphony orchestras, you almost always have to audition, and many symphonies don't have regular audtions. For instance, the trumpet section in the symphony in my city has been the same for 5 or 6 years, and the principal trumpet player has been the same player for 20 years.

A picture of the trumpet?

Check the "Related Links" section for a picture of my trumpet - Bach Stradivarius, silver plated.

What is the differnce between a trumpet and a trombone?

There are many differences between a trumpet and a trombone. Here are some: * A trumpet is smaller than a trombone. * A trumpet uses valves to change notes while a trombone uses a slide. * A trumpet player can usually play high notes than a trombone player. That is why the trumpet is a member of the orchestra section called the high brass and the trombone is a member of the section called the low brass. * Trumpets usually get the melody a lot more often than trombones. * Trombones can glisando while trumpets (and any other instrument) can't. To gilsando is to just move your slide without tounging.