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How do you beat Lego city and new town in star wars for Wii?


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September 12, 2011 11:19PM

Lego City was hard to beat but I finally got it.1) use the force on everything2) destroy everything3) get in all the vehicles and collect the blue Lego pieces4) (put on the feature extra toggle) use the guy with the bombs to blow up those two mysterious silver things.5) go to the top left hand side and run around in the field until flowers come up.6) build the blocks (red, green, yellow, blue) until they spell LEGO correctly (if it is correct studs will come out) then hit the letters.7) make sure to go around again and hit everything just to make sure.8) Hit the ground near the car wash and the tower to reveal a space craft thing.9) Make sure to hit all the light posts and build all of the flowers.10) if you still don't win now email me at with a question or something.

THAT WAS FOR LEGO CITYim not sure about the other one...