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Metroid Prime Trilogy is not "Beaten". It is a collection of 3 games that are completed individually.

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Q: How do you beat Metroid prime trilogy?
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Which game is better metroid trilogy or metroid primes 3?

Metroid Prime: Trilogy cost more but it has Metroid Prime 1, 2, & 3

What console is the Metroid prime trilogy on?

The Metroid Prime Trilogy game is for Wii. and if i may add the controls for the wii on metroid prime trilogy aren't as good as the game cube controls.

Can you use metroid fusion connection bonuses on metroid prime trilogy?

No, but you can connect to Metroid Prime for two bonuses. They are: 1: If you beat Metroid fusion and connect, you will be playing the classic Metroid arcade game. 2: If you beat Metroid Prime and connect, you will be able to play as Samus in the Fusion Suit.

Can you use Metroid Prime 3 data in Metroid Prime Trilogy?


In Metroid prime trilogy does Metroid prime 2 still have multiplayer?

Yes it does.

What is the best metroid game for wii?

Metroid prime trilogy!

What is the difference between Metroid prime trilogy and meroid prime collectors editions?

The "Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector's Edition" your refering to are suprisingly the only versions of the Metroid Prime Trilogy that you can get in America. Unless you are refering to the New Play Control Metroid Prime disks which are only available in japan.

To get to the third game on Metroid prime trilogy do you have to beat the others?

no you can play any of the games in any order

Is Metroid prime trilogy still out?


Is Metroid prime trilogy 3 games in 1?

Yes, Metroid prime trilogy has 1 wii game: Metroid prime 3: corruption and 2 gamecube games: Metroid prime 2: echoes and metroid Prime 1 the two gamecube games have been adapted for Wii.

How many Metroid prime games are there?

1) Metroid Prime 2) Metroid Prime Hunters 3) Metroid Prime 2 Echoes 4) Metroid Prime 3 Corruption 5) Metroid Prime Pinball 6) Metroid Prime Trilogy there are 6 Metroid Prime games

How do you beat the metroid prime in metroid prime hunters?

You do not, since metroid prime is not in that game.

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