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Episode 3

1) toss pygmy into volcano on sand island

2)toss pygmy again and make volcano overflow

3) toss pygmy again and the volcano will erupt

4) let pygmy get hit with lava


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1. visit the island of the gods 2. place a pygmy on a pedestal 3. make a pygmy sing 4. place a god idol on a pedestal 5. open the temple door (place god idols on each pedestal). sorry that's all i know

You go to the island with the meteor and the ant hill and flick the Pygmies into the volcano. To flick them, put your finger under them and flick it up the screen.

Since the episode is called 3 Acts of God, I'm presuming you're asking which season is it in... that would be 12.

throw it up 3 times and it will break

i beat god of war in 6 days ibeat god of war 2 in 4 days i beat god of war 3 in 1 day

Pick it up and drop it 3 times

you have to beat the last chapter in episode 3 10 time

Put your finger at the bottom of the screen aline one of the pygmies in front of the volcano and drag your finger up and it should wack him into the volcano you need to do this 3 times

easy. take the game, cuss at it, then smash it with a hammer and yell out " i beat you vader! with a hammer that is"!

Once you answer all you can in Doodle God 2, to enter episode 3 they give you commandments.

yoda is a very strong jedi, he didnt beat sidious in episode 3 but i believe yoda can beat sidious

season 3,episode 316 titled (are you there god,it's me jesus).

season 3, episode 316 titled (are you there god,it's me jesus).

you can beat 4th level in episode 3,the last level in episode 2 or the 4th level in episode 5 unless it's for the DS

get a life im not trying to get you mad :)

you get commandments in episode 3 (its a basic element)

1. tap temple symbol 2. activate under water freezing power (in the question thing) 3. activate heat power 4. activate under water oil slick power

1. Pocket god 2. Impossible test 3. Tap tap revenge 3

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