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First talk to G. Then go to the Dock. Herbert and his crab will come up in a drill that they made. Once Herbert is done talking and goes back underground, pick up the lantern that the crab left behind, and go get the map pieces he dropped. The first piece will land on top of the Night Club (in the Town). You must go in the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin working there. Offer to help pick up the cookies. (Click on the cookies all over the floor. Once you've done that, drag them into the jar.) He will give you a cookie as a thank-you. Take it, and feed it to the green puffle outside. This won't be enough to make it all the way up, so you have to go in the Coffee Shop, ask for another cookie, then go the HQ (go into the Gadget Room) and pick up the tan hat on the hook behind G. Go back to the Town and put the brown hat on the puffle, then feed him the cookie. He will fly away and knock down the half of the map. Pick up the map piece. Next, go to the Snow Forts, where the other half of the map will get stuck in the red flag-pole. Click on it. It will keep flying. Follow it to the Plaza, where it will land in a green penguin's newspaper. Click on the green penguin, and he will tell you he wants a Pizza. Go to the Pizza Parlor and order the kind of pizza he wants from the penguin working there. Pick up the pizza and take it back to the green penguin. Once he gets the pizza, ask him for his newspaper. Take it, and get the half of the map out of it. Put the two map halves together. Go back to the Town. You will see the Gift Shop half underground. Click on the pink penguin. She will explain what happened. Go to the Beach and pick up a net (next to the box of fish and the green buoy). Then go to the HQ and go in the Gadget Room. Talk to G. He will tell you all about what's been happening. Once he's done talking, click on him again and ask what Super Helium is and ask if you can take it. Once you're done talking, go over to the Super Helium tank (blue and red tank with a yellow cape) and take it. Then go to the Beach and go in the Lighthouse. Ask the orange penguin on the stage if you can take the balloons. Once he says yes, you can take them. Then go to the purple penguin in the Lighthouse and ask if you can take a barrel of Cream Soda. Once she says yes, take one. Then go to the Ski Village and go into the Sport Shop. Take the box of pegs next to the "TENT & PEGS" sign. Then go back to the HQ and go in the Gadget Room. Over G's desk there will be a wrench and a mallet hanging. Pick up the mallet. Go back to the Town. Take a balloon from the box of balloons and use it with the Super Helium tank to fill it up. Click on the Gift Shop with the balloon. Then click on the net and click on the Gift Shop with the net. Then click the box of pegs and click on the Gift Shop with the pegs. Then click on the mallet and click on the Gift Shop with the mallet. Once the balloon pops, it will stay on the net. (You must do this quickly or else the balloon will pop and the Gift Shop will fall back down again.) Next, go back to the Dock. Go into the tunnel. Look at your tunnel map (in the top-left corner, right next to the normal Club Penguin Map) and it tells you which way to go. After you go through the first tunnel it will be very dark and you will need to use your lantern. Just keep following the directions.

I will show you how to follow the map in case you are confused.


Right ---> Left

Right ---> Right

Left ---> Right

You would take the tunnel to the right (then turn your lantern on). Then take the tunnel on the left. Then take the tunnel on the right. Then take the tunnel on the right. Then take the tunnel on the left. Then take the tunnel on the right.

Once you make it through the underground tunnels, you will find yourself in a cave/room under the Gift Shop. Get out your Spy Phone, then click on "Tools." Click on the wrench, then click on the pipe hanging from the Gift Shop. Then go into the tunnel straight in front of you. You will see Herbert's drill. There will be a little door open at the back. Click on your Spy Phone again and go to the "Tools" then click on the big gear inside the little door. Then take the big gear (it is from the Clockwork mission). Next, go in the hole with the bricks around the edge. You will be in the Boiler Room with Herbert and his crab. Click on Herbert. Once you've finished you're conversation, G will call. Once you're done talking to G, you must fix the boiler. All you have to do is make a line of connected pipes from the beginning to the end by trading pipes (click on two pipes and they will trade places). Once you've done that, G will call again. When G is done talking, go to the HQ. Talk to G. Make sure to tell him take you got the old Clockwork Gear. Once you're done talking to G, the mission will be over and you will get a medal and a cooler with the old ice gear.


-PARTWY (my Club Penguin name)

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