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yeah, i know its for Sapphire, but i have emerald, but i think it will work with both games. k. you have to go to the safari zone and catch a bunch of wobbuffets and train them to a high level, like between lv 40-60, and make sure they know the move Destiny Bond, cause if you battle the elite four, you can use destiny bond on all of their Pokemon and let them ko your wobuffet so their Pokemon faints too. you would have to buy a lot of revives to revive your wobuffets, but that's okay if you have money. by the way, give the wobuffet that's attacking a quick claw and give it stuff to make it faster so that you can make sure your wobuffet uses Destiny Bond before the elite four's Pokemon attacks. this is how i did it. it cost a lot to do this, but i finally beat the elite four. i hope i helped everyone who reads this!! :D i forgot, also, remember to buy pp ups to restore destiny bond! hope i helped! :D

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Q: How do you beat the Pokemon League in Sapphire?
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Do you have to beat the pokemon league to get rayquza on pokemon sapphire?


What do you do after you beat the Pokemon league in sapphire version?

how go look for the legendaries!

Do you have to beat Pokemon league to get Rayquaza?

If you are referring to the old GBA games, then yes and no. You have to beat the Pokemon League in Ruby and Sapphire to get Rayquaza but in Emerald you can get him before beating the Pokemon League. Hope this helped.

How do you get the national pokedex on Pokemon sapphire?

all you have to do is beat the Pokemon league 1 time its simple.

How do you beat the the Pokemon league in Sapphire?

Win the Elite Four.Make it the way it suits you more.

Cannot beat elite 4 in Pokemon sapphire?

what do you mean the elite 4 are in the Pokemon league in evergrande city you should be able to beat them if you have good Pokemon

How do you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon sapphire?

try really hard... and if that fails try again, and again.Eventually you will succeed

What do you do after you beat the PokΓ©mon league in PokΓ©mon sapphire?

After you beat the Pokemon league, you can train all your Pokemon, challenge the battle tower, do both, or start over.( i don't recommend starting over)

Where do you find capt stern in sapphire?

before you beat the Pokemon league you find him in where the ship is in Slateport

Is there a website for trading Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without beating the Pokemon league cheats?

no to trade between leaf green and sapphire or ruby u must beat the Pokemon league then go to the seven islands and find the ruby and the sapphire gems to be able to trade

Can you beat the Pokemon league with only Sceptile on Pokemon sapphire?

no except if its majorly hacked cause they have a super strong fire user

Do you have to beat Sapphire to migrate Pokemon to Platinum?

No, but you do have to have sapphire in order to migrate them.

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