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For them to stop smacking you with a shovel, you have to go back to Nabooti and swap the Egyption Blue Lily for a Turban and then go back to the tomb and put on the turban then they mistake you for one of their kind.

P.S: the blue lily is near the secret cave near the water fall

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How do you beat poptropica tomb?

If you have the cell phone put in 5556789 he'll go pick it up and go to his bag and steal the moon light and put it in the top circle of the tomb

How do you pass the tomb raiders on Nabooti island?

So if you already got the blue flower thingymigger give it to the lady and you get a desert turban.When you have the desrt turban put it on & fly to Giza the tomb raiders will see you and give you a shovel.TADA!You past the tomb raiders!

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Why did the tomb raiders steal the treasures?

Fame and Fortune

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What protected the pyramids from tomb raiders?

The pyramids did not need protectors from tomb raiders. The ancient Egyptians would make paths inside the pyramids, in which tomb raiders or other people who did not belong there, and the people would get lost. Some rooms included traps, in which people would get trapped or caught by other Egyptians. There would usually be a secret way to get inside the tomb, so in this matter, tomb raiders would have a very hard time finding their way to get to the jewels, treasures, and the mummy.

How many times have the stellers beat the raiders?

the steelers to correct u have beat the raiders 6 times

How do you get rid of the tomb raiders in nabotii in poptropica?

You get the Egyptian blue lily from the blue nile falls Then you go back to the town Nabooti and trade the flower for a desert turban from the lady at the market stalls.

What is more famous poptropica or raiders of the lost ark?

raidrs of corse its older poptropica came out in 2007 but if you played naboti island its just like raiders exspecily when you go in the sphinx but i still need to go with raiders

What do you do in Giza on nabooti island?

You have to have a turban to get past the tomb raiders, and a cell phone to distract the boss. Use the Moonstone from Vince's bag to open the Sphinx tomb, then beat the four challenges to get the blue jewel. (for solution, see the related question)

How do you get in the tomb in Africa on poptropica?

Put the moon rock on the top of tomb and the door will open

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How Do You Get Passed The Tomb Raiders?

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Why did tomb raiders take the treasure?

Because it WAS treasure. To sell, for profit.

What protected the tombs from the tomb raiders?

Traps are set to protect the tombs from the tomb raiders. Plus, there might me some guardians and mommies and these stuffs but I don't really believe in those thing... Hope I Helped...

How do you get the tuban in nabooti island in poptropica?

Go to Nabooti & find those traders. Go to the one in the middle and trade your lily for a desert turban. Fly to Giza. Before you do ANYTHING, take out your turban and wear it. Then one of the tomb raiders will think you are also a tomb raider and give you a shovel.

Where do you get the green jewel in nabooti on poptropica?

it is in Giza in the tomb

Where are the Hieroglyphics on Poptropica?

They are on the wall when you first enter the tomb

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