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You audition. == ==

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How do you become a backup dancer for shake it up?

You call shake it up

What actors and actresses appeared in The Dancer - 2012?

The cast of The Dancer - 2012 includes: Stella Aryan as Backup Dancer Ashley Chatman as Mom Clotilde Delavennat as Dance Instructor Rayheem Eskridge as Maruan Sara Loder as Backup Dancer April MacLean as Lead Backup Dancer Cody Michael Perry as Generous Man Erin Nelson as Backup Dancer Lizabeth Parsons as Backup Dancer Will Rian as Security Guard Rebecca Rowley as Becky Tracy Tom Hoon as Backup Dancer Angel Zabala as Hardware Store Owner

Can you become a professional backup dancer if you did not take dancing lessons?

You can if you have previous, successful, dance experience with other companies.

How do you become a backup dancer for xfactor?

Hi I am a backup dancer for the x factor and its not as glamourous as it looks. Although u get paid its very little , not to mention how long u practice. But if u really r that egar contact this email

How much does backup dancers make?

How much money does a backup dancer make??

What is a hype girl?

A backup dancer or singer:)

How do you become a backup dancer for Lady Gaga?

JUST DANCE! It'll be okay, da da da da da dance!

Is it easy to become a backup dancer?

Well... not really, you see, you have to be able to dance, dance classes are strongly recommended. If you have what it takes then good on you!

How to be a backup dancer for justin bieber?

You can be a backup dancer for Justin Bieber by simply recording your video and uploading it on YouTube using the hashtag #BELIEVETOURAUDITIONS so as to be considered.

How old do you have to be to be a Hannah Montana backup dancer?

Well, Hannah Montana isn't doing any more concerts, but miley definitely is! I'd say that you'd have to be at least 13, maybe older. I'd google how to become a MILEY CYRUS backup dancer... it'd probably help more than me :)

What is the type of education required to become a dancer?

What is the type of education is required to become a dancer? What is the type of education is required to become a dancer? What is the type of education is required to become a dancer?

Responsabilities of a backup dancer?

the responsibilities of a backup dancer are so important 'coz they should actually be one of the helpers of the main stars whose being given a much focuse of audience.

Are Lady Gaga male backup dancers gay?

I hope so! her lead backup dancer mark kanemura is.

Was will smith a backup dancer in Michael Jackson's bad video?

No, Will was not a back up dancer in any of Michael's videos.

Is Beyonce backup dancer in put a ring on it video a man?


What do you do to be Justin Bieber's backgroud singer?

he has more backup dancers instead of singers, so to be a backup dancer, be a rlly good dancer and then u hve to be known by managers and strt low to get to the top, but if u wanna be a backup singer, then i wud try someone else cuz i think he only has backup dancers, srry

What does it take to become a backup dancer at the age of seventeen from a small town in Washington and you're father doesn't think that you have a chance?

Well first off your "father" is wrong u have a chance just take it and all it takes is a good dancer if your a good dancer and everyone thinks so then go for it.

How old is Raymond chris brown backup dancer?

He is 10 years old.

How old is Myles Chris Brown's backup dancer?

he turnt 12 in feb.

Would Justin Bieber hire another backup dancer?

yes me i can sing

How did scooter smiff become a celebreti?

He is Chris Brown's backup dancer (Wall to Wall / Kiss Kiss) and he soon showed his rapping "skills" with songs like "Head Of My Class".

Did Demi Lovato hit her backup dancer?

I thinks its cuz the dancer snitched on her for partying all nite with friends but im not completely sure :/

Who is the backup dancer in Justin Timberlake video my love.?

If the you're talking about the one that was dancer on the long white chair that would be Dana Wilson.

How did Ashley meet Jared?

She met Jared because Jared used to be her backup dancer.

Why do celebrities become famous?

They become celebrities because they are actors, actresses, singers or they might be famous just for being on telly!