How do you become a cartoonist?

Becoming a cartoonist is not as easy as many may think. First you will need the diligence to be able to produce a pane or strip a day on your own before you ever begin submitting them at all. Secondly, you will need to determine your market and to whom you should submit your finished work. The rest takes much patience because you will be waiting a while for a response.

When you feel that you are ready to begin submitting your cartoons, you need to have at least twelve different panes or strips to send to each newspaper, magazine or any other publisher. These submissions do not all have to be a continual story, but they need to show off your best work. Send very good copies, and not the originals unless you have already submitted them for copyrights.

Copyrighting can be done online now through the US library. This is a must especially if you are going to publish your cartoons on your own. Not many people start off by publishing a cartoon book. This is something that usually takes place after they have become established for some time.

An excellent resource for finding who to submit to is the Writer's Market. This book varies in price depending on where you live in the US.