How do you become a combat medic?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Same as any other job in the military. Go to a recruiter, score well enough on the ASVAB to qualify and tell your recruiter that you want to be a medic. Make sure it says medic (68W in the US army) on your contract.

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Q: How do you become a combat medic?
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Combat medic vs corpsman?

A Corpsman is a navy medic. Typically when somebody is talking about a combat medic, they mean a line medic, or a medic who actually goes into combat with a unit vs a medic who works in a hospital.

Can a combat medic issue muscle relax?


Can an army medic start an iv?

Yes the can, some non medic soldiers also get training on starting iv's by going through the combat life savers course. Since the reorganisation of Army MOS structure circa 2001 - 2002, the MOS of Combat Medic has been greatly expanded, and also covers a lot of personnel who previously wouldn't have been classed as combat medics under the old structure (91B was the MOS for a Combat Medic previously - now it's 68W). With the reorganisation, new requirements were put in place for Combat Medics, one of which was that a Combat Medic should hold a basic EMT licence (national registry).

How many combat medic badge were given out during Vietnam war?


What is a combat medics work environment?

Typically, when someone is talking about a combat medic, they are talking about a line medic. A line medic is attached to a unit both in combat and in a garrison environment. A line medic does many of the same things in garrison that he would do during a deployment. This could be running daily sick call or acting as a lifeguard during water PT. When that same unit deploys, the medic would still run sick call, but when the platoon goes out on a mission, the medic goes with them. If the unit is hit while on mission, the medic is in charge of everything from casualty triage (determining the order in which casualties should be treated) to the actual treatment of everything from amputations to breathing problems to bloody noses or twisted ankles. The combat medic is one of the most important people in the unit. It is important that he take his job very seriously so that the men in his unit know they can depend on him.

What is 91B20 Med Spec?

91B20 is a US Army Medical Specialist (Combat Medic)

Does the USAF have combat medics?

Yes, they're known as Para Rescue, although the context is a bit different from what an Army combat medic would be.

Should women be banned from Combat?

Women should be in combat/army but maybe more like a medic's or not on the front line or first in too battle!

What army regulation state that the combat medic authorized to received a combat action badge?

Medics cannot receive CABs (Combat Action Badge). Instead, they receive the CMB (Combat Medical Badge) for treating wounded soldiers in a combat situation.

What is best asvab score for medic?

You have get an 85 or more my recruiter told me. Also Depends on what you want to do in the medical field. I'm wanting to be a combat medic but that's like In the 100's. Goodluck.

Do Combat medics wear the red cross armband anymore in hostile environmants?

Absolutely 100% NO! They pretty much went out during Vietnam. They simply made the medic a good target because it advertised his position as a medic. The enemy is smart, and knows that if you shoot the medic, there is no one else to care for the wounded troops. More untreated wounds equalled less combat effective troops. The only thing that differentiates a combat medic at this point, is that they carry first aid BAGS. The bags will have a medical symbol on them, but it is subdued black. In addition, other soldiers are now trained as "combat lifesavers", which you could equate to an EMT-B with some extra trauma skills.

Is anyone on this site a us army medic?

There may be users on this site who have experience as a US Army medic, but their presence cannot be guaranteed. It is best to ask specific questions related to being a US Army medic and wait for someone with relevant experience to respond.