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How do you become a famous gospel singer?

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2011-09-12 23:29:38

Be smart have a good voice and don't be shy!

First off, stop looking for fame. Being a gospel singer isn't

about reaching fame. Secondly, be honest about your intentions.

Thirdly, get some sort of training in the feild of traditional

gospel singing (if that's where you are wanting to head). Forth,

sing with your heart and soul, its there that the gospel lives

within. Fifth, write good songs! Sixth, WORK HARD!!!! Sing where

ever you can even if its on the streets. Get your talent noticed!

Work as hard as you can to get noticed as a gospel singer. Work

backgroud if you have to to get somewhere first. Never give up on

your singing! If someone tells you that you can't sing, work ever

harder! You have to be your biggest fan to start with. If your not

your biggest fan, you can't expect anyone else to be!

Surround yourself with Friends that love you and are honest with

you. Because these are your biggest critics.

One of the biggest things that we as gospel singers need to

remember is to have Integrity. If you don't know what this is,

research it.

And always always remember to trust in God!

Good luck.

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