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How do you become a fan on Taylor Swifts Facebook Page?

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Go on her facebook page and click the Become a Fan! button above the tabs.

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What is Taylor swift's real Facebook?

No she doesn't have a facebook page.She has a fan page but not an actual facebook page.People claiming to be Taylor on facebook are just posers.

How do you become a member of a facebook page?

You can become a member of the page by liking it.

What does Taylor swifts dedication page say?

it says that she thinks purple stuff tastes good

What is a Facebook page?

A facebook page is a page dedicated to something, and you " become a fan " of it or as its now known as you " like " it.

Does Taylor Swift have a Facebook profile?

Yes. She has a profile under the name Taylor-Alison Swift. She also has an official Facebook fan page.

Does Taylor Swift have a Facebook account?

Taylor Swift's official Facebook page is listed on her official website. Beyond that, whether she has a personal Facebook account is unknown - there is no verifiable information on this.

What is Taylor swift's Facebook page?

it just talks about what she watches and stuff

Does Taylor Lautner have a Facebook account?

Yes. Taylor's official Facebook page has more than 30,000,000 likes.

What is a fan page?

It's a page that you become a fan of and share with friends on facebook.

How you become jaden Facebook fan?

Go to his FaceBook Fan Page and click 'Like'.

What is Taylor swift's Facebook?

She does not officially list a Facebook account, but she does have an officially listed Facebook fan page. Check out the related link below. She also has a Myspace page. She is the one from Nashville. See the related link for it below.

Dose Taylor Lautner have a Facebook page?

No, Taylor Lautner actually does not have a Facebook account/page. Taylor said himself that he is too busy to go online, and so the Twilight actor denies Facebook.P.S. If you're a girl who wants to talk to him, even if he had an account, don't bother. I bet the guy would rather have some face-to-face than a hoax on the internet.

How do you not become a fan on facebook?

don't join the page then smart one

How do you sign you sign up for Taylor swifts mailing list?

You can go to her website (taylorswift.com) and in the middle of the page on the right side will be a sign up for the mailling list :)

How do you refresh your Facebook page?

How to refresh my facebook page

What is jaden smith's facebook page found?

yes jaden smith has a facebook page but he doesn't have a facebook page for fans.

How do you become a fan of backyard monsters on facebook?

you press the like button at the top of the page

How can you get more Facebook likes?

Facebook is the most popular social network thus become a great tool for business and brands to promote their products or services. In order to get more likes on your facebook page, you need to share useful and relevant stuff on your page. Optimize your Facebook Page Info Facebook Ads Use effective tools for scheduling and monitoring.

What is Taylor Lautner's official website?

Taylor Lautner has a Facebook page that he can be followed on. there is one website for fans. You can maybe do a Google search to find his official fan site.

Do you need a Facebook page to view a Facebook member page?

No. However, what you can do on their page is limited.

Does Joey King know Taylor Lautner?

Yes she does :D if you go to her facebook page (OfficialJoeyKing) you'll see photos of her with him

Can you completely remove Facebook page?

Yes you can completely delete your Facebook page via Facebook page manager. You just have to leave the reason of deactivating you page.

How do you become a fan of something on Facebook?

simply press become a fan below it. and if its not there then just click it & it should take you to the page.

Where is the requests page on Facebook?

The request page is on the games that you play on facebook

What do p4p mean on Facebook?

P4P on Facebook means Page for Page

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