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Same way you get to Carnigie Hall; PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Most piano virtuosi begin at a very young age. They will often have parents with keyboarding skills themselves who can teach the young music student. Over years of practice and practical lessons advancing the skills of the student (often through private study with a college-level professor or a professional keyboardist), the student can earn the title of virtuoso. However, at this point I must recognize that virtuosi are traditionally recognized as those with an immense amount of natural talent. This talent DOES need to be nurtured and guided to come to fruition, but it is often unlikely that someone will purely be taught how to be a virtuoso. This, by default, makes "becoming a virtuoso" a practical impossibility; even though it CAN be done.

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Q: How do you become a piano virtuoso?
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A virtuoso is a person that is highly skilled in music or another artistic form. Which means that a piano virtuoso is a person that is highly skilled in playing the piano specifically.

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A "piano virtuoso" is the correct term.

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