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How do you become a pyrotechnition?


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November 20, 2007 12:54AM

There are a couple of ways.

First off, are you wanting to be involved with SFX for movies for example or lighting up a city skyline at new year..or 4th July? Basically, the best way is to start at the bottom, phone up an established company or email them, ask if they have any kind of job available and most of the time they will. There is no official line to follow to this career (as far as i know or knew when i started) the best way is to get in there and the chances are you will make your way up internally. That applies for both I'm sure (in my case, my first day was a hard hat and alot of firing aerial shells). Of course, uni courses in chemistry and physics help alot. Electronics and most things technological would help too but really, for someone to let you handle and use explosives, it's mostly to do with trust rather than anything else. Hope that helps.