How do you become an Akatsuki member?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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You dont become an Akatsuki member cause Its an Anime perhaps

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Q: How do you become an Akatsuki member?
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What level do you have to be to become akatsuki?

I am pretty sure you must be a S-Rank shinobi in order to become a member of Akatsuki. For example Itachi, he is one powerful guy and if you observe all the members they all seem very strong.

Is the unnamed Akatsuki member Naruto's mother?

Nope. She is assumed to be dead in manga. We'll have to wait and see who is the unnamed Akatsuki member in coming chapters.

Do you have to be an anti ninja to be a member of the akatsuki?

No. The akatsuki members come to the people they want to recruit, and give them a test.

How did Naruto become a hero in Shippuden?

Naruto becomes a hero in shippuden by killing several Akatsuki members including their main member Pain.

Who become a akatsuki later?

Since Sasuke joined Akatsuki as a temporary ally and Tobi was leading Akatsuki from the shadows, Hidan

Who is the unnamed akatsuki member?

Her name is Konan btw.

Who is Masashi Kishimotos favourite akatsuki member?


Which akatsuki member was assigned to the 7 tails?


Who is the friend of the father of naruto that became akatsuki?

Minato has no friend that became a member of Akatsuki.. only Jiraiya's friend (Orochimaru). None of Minato friend joined Akatsuki.

Does Sasuke become an akatsuki?


Is naruto going to be part of akatuski?

Naruto will not become a member of the akatsuki, he will never betray all of his friends and teammates in the Konoha ( leaf village) on google images their might be pictures of him being in the akatsuki but that is just to show how he would look like......

Where can you find a akatsuki member create game?

deviant art