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Firstly you must do a cousre at university called "radiography" which is a 3 year course that involves the study of X-rays, MRIs etc. You must then specialise in sonography. That answer is not accurate. You do not need to major in radiography to be an ultrasonographer. There are programs out there that are specifically ultrasound majors. They are usually 2-3 years in length. WWW.SDMS.ORG is a very helpful site for sonography schools in various states.

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Q: How do you become an ultrasound technologist?
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Where can one find Ultrasound technologist jobs?

One can find an ultrasound technologist jobs from websites like Indeed, Craigslist, Kijiji and many more. One can also visit an employment center to find and apply to all available ultrasound technologist jobs.

Which health care professional would be responsible for providing an ultrasound to a pregnant woman to visualize the fetus and its development?

ultrasound technologist or x-ray technologist or radiologist.

What is the functionality of ultrasound?

Ultrasound is typically performed by a trained ultrasound technologist, it involves using sound waves to get an image of the reproductive system.

How much do ultrasound technologist get paid?

The average pay is $63,369.

What classes are needed for an associate's degree in ultrasound technologist?

I have a High School diploma and a Medical Assistant degree from Broward Community College. I do not have an AA. Must I get my AA before I can be eligible to register for Ultrasound technologist?

The reliability of a pelvic ultrasound is dependent on what factor?

The reliability of ultrasound readings can depend on the skill of the technologist or physician performing the scan.

What are the people called that look at the babies when there in the belly?

Sonographer, Ultrasound Technologist or Ultrasonogaphers.

Who should the technician consult if there are questionable results from an ultrasound?

The technologist performing the ultrasound should consult with a radiologist or other physician if any questionable results appear.

How can one become an Ultrasound technician?

There are many ways for one to become an Ultrasound technician. One can become an Ultrasound technician by going to technical school and earning a degree.

What do you need to study to become a technologist?


What is an ultrasound technicians professional name?

ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGIST (medical ser.) alternate title: diagnosticmedical sonographer. Above taken from Viper1

What is the average starting salary for an ultrasound technician?

The pay really differs from state to state. For example, in CA, the average yearly salary for an ultrasound technologist is $87,485. In AL, it is $58,998. In HI, it is $68,016.

What are the requirements to become an Ultrasound technician and how long does it take?

What are the requirements to become an Ultrasound Technician and how long does it take?

What is an ultrasound technician certification?

It is a certificate that qualifies you to become an ultrasound technician.

What qualifications are needed to become a cloning technologist?


Who should perform an abdominal ultrasound?

should be performed by a registered and trained ultrasonographer, either a technologist or a physician (radiologist, obstetrician/gynecologist)

What kind of qualifications does one need to become an ultrasound technician?

You will need to become certified to become a ultrasound technician. To enter a program you must be a highschool graduate.

What type of license do you need to become an ultrasound technician?

Presently only two states require license. More will follow. Schools and other organizations that promise to educate for your license are misleading. Professional organizations should be referenced in seeking REGISTRATION as ultrasound technologist. Check with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

How do you become surgical technologist?

You will need to have a degree in a post-secondary education environment in order to be a surgical technologist. You do not need any awards in the educational facility.

What type of degree do you need to become an ultrasound technician?

what type of degree do I need to be a ultrasound tech?

What should I be doing now to prepare to become a cardiology technologist?

get degree

How long in school does it take become radiologic technologist?

2 years.

Who are ultrasound technologist schools for?

Yes you can pursue it straight out of high-school. People who go into this profession usually have a fondness for the health care. Ultrasound technicians work in a variety of fields with specialty equipment to produce images of structures inside the body

What training is required to become an ultrasound technician?

The schooling to become an ultrasound technician lasts one year. They teach how to operate the machinary, and safety procedures.

How long do you have to study to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist?

4-5 yrs