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You can't open the safe door. Go over the ceiling.

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Q: How do you blast open the door on spy island?
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Where is the key to open the cage in spy island in poptropica?

There isn't one you have to use the cherry bomb to blast it open

What do you do with the fingerprint on Spy Island in Poptropica?

You use it to open some door in the far back of the island.

How do you open the door to rescue the first spy on spy island?

You can't open the door. Go over the top instead : climb up and come in through the ceiling of the room.

How do you rescue the first agent in Spy Island pushing against the door?

You can't open the door, but you can go over it.

What do you do when you find the third spy in spy island?

Use the Cherry Bomb from the tree at the bottom right, which can blast open the cage. (for full solution, see related question)

Where is the key to open the locked door in the warehouse on spy island?

There is no key. However, there is a large hole in the ceiling of the vault.

How do you get out of the resturaunt in spy island?

you walk out the door

Poptropica spy island how to open the locker?

There isn't a locker in spy island, but there is in Big Nate island.

How do you open the valut door on spy island?

you dont. go on the shelves beside it and climb. at the top there's an entrance to the vault.

What do you do after you pass the lazers on spy island?

You go up on the roof of the B.A.D. fort and use the fingerprint glass to open the door.

How do you open the door to get the doctor on poptropica?

If you mean the eye doctor on spy island, his office is on the bottom. He lets you go into the top.

Where is the crowbar on spy island?

There is no crowbar on spy island. To get through the bars on the window, you must have a laser pen, and to open the cage in the greenhouse, you must push a cherry bomb in front of the door by using the pop-up flowers.

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