How do you bleed brakes on 1993 gmc vandurea?

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1. Remove all the wheels. 2. Remove brake reservoir cap and fill fluid.
3. Have somebody hold the brake pedal down.
4. Starting at the furthest wheel from the master cylinder (right rear) loosen and then tighten the bleed screw located on top of the brake cylinder. Do not allow the brake pedal to come up until the bleed screw has been tightened.
5. Release and reapply brakes, loosening and tightening bleeder screws as required until all air is removed from system. Remember to check brake fluid level frequently to avoid running out - refilling the system with air!!
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hey, hope your day is going well..your best bet would be to go to a auto parts store and pick up a haines or chiltons repair book on that auto..20 bucks and you have all the i
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