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I used to bleed brakes one wheel at a time. I prefer doing 2 or 4 now at a time and it's pretty easy... You can buy very inexpensively, brake bleeding kits. I used 4 small baby food jars and 4 pieces of 2' long rubber hose that fit the bleeders tight on the back of each wheel. The bleeders are in the calipers. Hope that you can open each one without breaking them. I would recommend using penetrating oil (wd40 or something similar) on each one for about a week to help give you a fighting chance. Fill the baby food jars full of brake fluid and open the bleeders. I would recommend you have someone pumping the brakes for you. Be sure to keep the mastercylinder filled, don't let it go dry. Pump the brakes 2 or 3 times and refill. By doing this your expelling the air by pressing and by letting up, your sucking back brake fluid. Look for air bubbles coming from the hoses in the jars. As the air bubbles stop as the brakes are pumped, close the bleeders. The worst part of this entire job is opening the bleeders for the first time without breaking them. I would recommend using an 8 point boxed end wrench to open them. This will be a small tool and less likely to slip and strip out the bleeder.

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Q: How do you bleed brakes on a 1992 Trooper?
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