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If it has antilock/traction control system, you have to have a professional bleed them for you.

You need: A new bottle of approved brake fluid. A box-end wrench that fits the bleeder valves. A hose that fits over the bleeder valve. A can or jar. A helper.

Take the cover off the master cylinder. It's divided in two sections. One for the rear brakes and one for the front. Make sure it's full. If it gets too low, it will suck in air - then you'll have to start all over again.

Start at the furthest wheel from the master cylinder (rear passenger side). Have your helper push and hold the brake pedal down. Now open the bleeder valve and let the fluid squirt out into the jar/can (small hose over end of bleeder valve). The brake pedal should now go down all the way to the floor. When it's done squirting, tighten the valve again. Tell your helper to release the brake pedal and pump it a few times. Next, tell them to push and hold down the pedal again. Open the valve and let it squirt out. Close the valve. Let go of brake pedal. Pump brakes . . . Keep doing this on each wheel until you don't hear or see any air bubbles coming out of the valve and the fluid looks clean.

Next, do the drivers side rear, then the passenger side front, then finally the drivers side front.

Make sure you keep checking the fluid level in the master cylinder. As you bleed the brakes, you'll have to keep topping it off.

Replace cover on master cylinder (push in the rubber balloon/Accordion things under the cover - these pop out as your fluid level gets low).

Dispose of left over brake fluid. Don't save it. Once you open a can, the fluid absorbs water and it's no good after a while.

Check brake pedal movement. It should not go to the floor and feel strong.

Check for leaks. Test drive the car. Slow at first (just to make sure).

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Q: How do you bleed the brakes for a 1991 Chevy Cavalier wagon?
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