How do you bleed the brakes on a 1967 Rolls-Royce silver shadow?

Ok, on a shadow, the braking system is comprised of a set of "2", Pistons that are in the intake valley, that provide the high pressure to the accumulators. There are 4 front calipers. The rear- most calipers are the low pressure ones. The shadow has a, " rat's nest", that is the epicenter of the system since there is no master cylinder. If you have brake failure lights( System one, system two), low pressure. Do yourself a favor and start the car, raise it up while running and crack the bleeders loose on the high pressure accumulaters, one at a time.( only loosen them a little), they are supposed to have 3000psi of pressure. You will quickly know if they do not. ( they may squirt a stream of fluid?, but it will Peter-out), not 3k psi for sure. Ok, read closely. The pressure Pistons are in the plate in the intake valley. ( front and rear). The Pistons were designed with a flaw that caused them to seize and break. So, if you only have brake failure on one or the other?, then you have one seized piston. This is a labor intensive operation. You thought that the crap in the resovior was the only prob?, Check the high pressure output. Bleeding?, take the cover off off the "Rat's nest, underneath the car. The brake pedal will lead right to it. Have your assistant pump the brake pedal, then bleed the system at the rearmost visible bleeder,then move to the right rear, (engine stopped), this is a low pressure operation., then left rear, then the right, front, rearmost caliper, then the left front, rearmost caliper,( the front most calipers are high pressure units, and not part of this deal. And yes, good ole fashioned DOT3 fluid. No doubt. I hope this helps. Please reference YouTube rolls Royce shadow brake seminars1-6? ( the SoCal rolls club prez knows his stuff.). Good luck PS. The very worst case is when the camshaft lobes are worn flat and the Pistons are not broken. But I seriously doubt this happens often. ( Rolls uses superior metals as we know), so this not so likely.:)

ANSWER 2 - Be fully prepared to engage your Bafflegab Detector when reading the above crap.