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For cell phones call from the cell phone 888-3821222

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Q: How do you block your home phone number and your cell phone number from telemarketers?
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How do you block a caller on your cell phone?

If you have the cell phone number call your cell phone provider and tell them the number you need to have blocked. If its an unknown number, there is no real way to block it.

How do you block your home phone number when calling a cell phone?

*67 then number

How do you block a number on a mobile cell phone?

You call your servize provider and tell them to block that number that you want blocked

How do you block your cell phone number from another cell phone?

You can check online on your Cell Phone Carrier Panel or you can call. If you want to block your ID when you call, Use *67

How do you block a phone number on your cellphone?

How do I hide an outgoing phone number on my cell phone bill

Are cellphone numbers going to telemarketers shortly?

Telemarketers and people who do telephone research or charities are not allowed to call any cell phones by law. If they accidentaly call your number, just tell them it's a cell phone and they won't call you again.

What happens when you block a number on your cell?

When you block a number on your cell phone, you will not receive any calls from that number. You also will not receive any text messages from the number.

How do you block a number from your cell phone?

Contact your service provider

Can you block a call from a unknown number on a cell phone?

No, you can only block specific numbers.

How do you block a phone number on iphone 5?

You are not able to block any phone number manually from any cell phone. You could call your cell phone carrier and ask them to block the phone number for you. You can also put the contact you wish to ignore in a ignore list where your phone will not ring or vibrate when they try to call or text you.

How often are cell phone numbers called by telemarketers?

It is not nearly as common as telemarketer calls to landline phones since it is usually illegal for telemarketers to call wireless phone numbers. It does still happen, though users can register their number with the national do-not-call registry.

How do you block your cell phone number?

star sixty seven * 67

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