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If you boil it slowly for a long time the meat will just fall off the bone easily, taking it off raw however is a hard job.

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What is the flexibility of a chicken bone?

chicken bone

What happens if a dog eats a chicken bone?

A chicken bone is not good for a dog to eat. When a chicken bone is broken, it breaks into long sharp strips. A piece of a chicken bone could get stuck or cut the insides of a dog.

Does chicken cook faster with or without the bone?

Chicken cooks faster without the bone.

How do a chicken bone reacts with cocacola?

Coca Cola dissolve the calcium on the chicken bone.

What is the difference between a human bone and a chicken bone?

ones from a chicken and ones from a human

Could you sue tops for finding a chicken bone in your chicken salad?

Not unless they said it was bone less chicken salad.

How can a chicken bone be used?

Chicken soup.

What will happen if you put a chicken bone in vinegar?

the chicken bone will turn rubber like and flexible

How can calcium in a chicken bone be dissolved?

The calcium in a chicken bone can be dissolved in acetic acid (vinegar)

How do you remove a chicken bone in someones throat?

how to remove a chicken bone stuck in someones throat

Longest bone of a chicken?

the longest bone is the body.

Is deer bone or chicken bone harder?

Neither. ;)

What part of the chicken is the kill bone?

On its neck bone.

How is the chicken bone similar to your bone?

very much

What material do you find inside a chicken bone?


Is there bone or skin put into chicken Chicken McNuggets?


What is a vestigial structure in a chicken?

Hip bone, leg bone, head bone.

What happen if hydrochloric acid put on chicken bone?

When you put hydrochloric acid on a chicken bone it makes the bone soft, allowing it to bend. It does so by dissolving the calcium in the bone.

What is the name of a bone that you will get when you cut off the end of a chicken leg bone?

a foot bone bone

How does coke effect a chicken bone?

A chicken bone that is left to soak in Coke will start to dissolve. The calcium will break down, and the bone will become rubbery.

What happens to a chicken bone soaked in cola?

If it is soaked long enough, the chicken bone will become soft and flexible.

Can Coke Syrup dissolve a chicken bone that has been swallowed?

No, Coke syrup can't dissolve a chicken bone that has been swallowed. If you have swallowed a chicken bone, you may need to seek medical attention.

What happens when you put bleach on a chicken bone?

the bone rots

What kind of muscles is attached to the chicken bone?

That is thigh bone

How many wishbones does a chicken have?

The average chicken only has one wishbone. This bone is scientifically known as the clavicle and is the bone that allows for the chicken to hold their head up.

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