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I've been in this situation before. I told him that i was sorry and that it just wasn't going to work and i told him why and i said that things right now are pretty tough. i know you like me, but im sorry i don't like you. I'm just not that one special person that he'd want to soend the rest of his life with. There is someone out there that is prettier, more sensitive and everything he looks for in a girl. and he said ok.

The next month i saw him and his new girlfriend and he said thanks for the advice.


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If you REALLY love him you wouldn't break up with him.

If you really love him/her then NO! Love is really hard to find these days. And true love is especially hard but if you really hate him/her then break up with him/her immediatly

No he does not love you, he is just threatning you because he never got kissed. I am a boy I know it.

The Jo Bros will NEVER break up! They are family too, so they can actually never "break up"! I love you Joe!

Love yourself first and you will never be alone and no one will ever break you.

not neccessarily. That was pretty shallow though to take it back. If he had never said it before, he just wanted to see if he really did love you. If things are rocky if the next week or two, then you should break up with him. But don't yet. See if the relationship gets stronger.

There was never a Jack it's only in the movie the derector wanted to make it a love story also with the movie Titanic

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if the person you love, really does love you they'll break up with whoever they're with.

guys break up with you cause they don't really like you

if it really wanted too.

Most definitely! They really love it!

Do you really love her.Those words should never be messed with.

In the first place, why would you break up with him if you love him? It is not really good to break up if you still love the guy, not unless if he is abusing you either physically or emotionally. Do you really love him or you are just used that he is around or you are just attached to him? Think of the things you want to do. Is it really worthy / necessary to have a break up. Don't rush things, think of it over and over again until you realize the best thing to do.

tell them you really love them and how much they mean to you.

No, they were never happy.

If he just wanted you for sex, then he really didn't love you, and you should just forget about him... If he really loved you, he wouldn't break up with you if you didn't have sex with him.

sometimes you don't have to all you have to do is work through your problems if you really love them. But if you feel you have to then just do it and that person will understand if they really love you.

No!!! Never let her break your penis no matter how much you love her! Just kidding, but seriously, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Because he never had any love. He wanted everyone else to be happy because he wasnt.

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