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Not over the internet.

Not over the phone.

Face to face.

And whatever you do, dont be bitchy.

But whatever way you go about it, you're just going to have to tell him straight up how you feel. well you can tell them that you need some time to yourself, and because you need to think about things, and maybe once all of that is over you and him can get back together but it all depends

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How do you know if your boyfriend still likes you?

when they dont break up with you

What to do when you caught you boyfriend cheating and dont call you at all?

Tell them you know and break up with that person.

What if you want to break up with your boyfriend but you really like him?

i dont understand why you would want to break up with your boyfriend if you really like him.

How do you know when your boyfriend wants you to break up with him?

he dosent spend alot of time with you and he avoids you when u dont have a date.

What do you do if you dont love your boyfriend back?

Break up..? :S

What does it mean when your boyfriend says I dont know if or how to go on with our relationship?

It means that he is going to most likely break up with you. Just agree with him and break up with him first. besides there are a lot of guys out there.

How do you break up with you boyfriend who's obsessed with you?

Tell him he is obsessed and you dont like it.

Did he and Chilli break up?

i dont know.....did he???????????who knows....well i dont!!!

Did Miranda Cosgrove break up with her boyfriend?

no she did not break up with her boyfriend.

What do you do if your boyfriend dont love you?

break up with him but only if you are positive he doesnt like u

Do you ever swear?

NO! dont ever swear that will lead into your boyfriend or girlfriend to break up with you.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend you don't even want?

oh my god! then break up with him. just dont be an @$$ about it

What will you do if your boyfriend is having an affair with someone?

break up wit him even if you dont want to

Why do you break up with your boyfriend for the smallest things?

Probably cause you dont like him that much...?

How do you get a girl to be your girlfriend if she already has a boyfriend?

wait until they break up and then get to know herDont ever try to break two people up...the girl will end up hating you and you'll never be with her. i know that by person experience. Wait until or ''if'' they break up. than step in and help her get over it and make her happy

Have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Follow your heart. If you dont like your boyfriend then break up with him and go for the other guy!

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

How do you know if your boyfriend is going to break up with you?

when he stop hanging around you

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?

Is it bad to get your best friend to break up with your boyfriend?

YESS very bad i was duped that way!! my boyfriend had his best friend whom i liked break up with me for him, it was humiliating dont put the guy through it.

Why did Kirk Franklin and The Family break up?

i dont know sorry seriously though, why did they break up

Your boyfriend touches men?

Break up with him and let him find a boyfriend Break up with him and let him find a boyfriend

I cheating on my boyfriend with his brother what should i do?

If you were or still are cheating on your boyfriend especially with his are doing him wrong so you need to break up with him... And if you dont feel obvioulsy dont have true feelings for your boyfriend anyways...

My boyfriend is cheating on me what do I do?

if he is cheating on you then you know he is stupid and just break up with it will be his loss!

When do you know when to dump your boyfriend?

Give him a chance for him to do something for you then if he doesn't then break-up with him.