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You have to have two tanks (10-20 gallon). First put the male in(the male should have more colour then the female)the tank wit out any other fish in but have plant in the tank when he is in condition he will build a bubble nest.Next introduce a good condtioned female. The male will be interested in the female under the bubble nest. As each egg is laid and fertilized he will blow a bubble around it and put it in the bubble nest. when the spawning is finished remove the female and the male will protect and care for the fish.
So that you may understand or retain the information, if I were you, I would go to the internet and type in betta breeding, so you could print yourself a copy of how to breed bettas, go to a book store a pet shop and purchase a betta breeding book for future reference, their are many details that I might overlook if I had not only to type, or even explain to a person in general. There is a lot of time involved,that is why some call it a hobby.

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Q: How do you breed Siamese Fighting Fish?
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How do you tell if a Siamese fighting fish is pregnant?

Siamese fighting fish do not become pregnant, though they do breed. A female Siamese fighting fish is ready to breed when a white thing is sticking out just behind the ventral fin. The male is almost always ready to breed. If the fish are in the same tank, the male may flare, and chase the female. The male also may have built a nest of bubbles that float on the surface.

Can you breed a betta with a guppie?

No, the Siamese fighting fish (Betta's) would kill the guppy, they are highly vicious.

Why are Siamese fighting fish fast?

It is an adaptation that they have developed to defeat other siamese fighting fish for mates and/or territory.

Is a Siamese fighting fish and a betta fish the same?

Yes. A Siamese Fighting Fish is one of many , many different types of bettas.

When do you that a Siamese fighting fish is going to die?

Siamese fighting fish can live up to 4 years if you care for them carefully.

Can Siamese fighting fish be mixed with goldfish?

They can't because , Siamese fighting fish are very territorial & will fight . Obviously they're named fighting fish for a reason (: . Your welcome ...

Is betta fish another name for Siamese fighting fish?

Yes, it is another name for a Siamese fighting fish. I like them as they are very easy to care for.

What kind of water for Siamese fighting fish?

deffo salt watercoz i have a tank full of siamese fighting fish and i keep them in saltwater

What has the author Myron Gordon written?

Myron Gordon has written: 'Siamese fighting fish' -- subject(s): Siamese fighting fish

Why do Siamese Fighting Fish fight?

Siamese Fighting Fish fight because most of the fish are territorial. If another fish/Siamese Fighting Fish comes in their territory, the Siamese Fighting Fish will strike and start fighting until one surrenders, is almost dead, or is dead. This also happens when Siamese Fighting Fish are mating. Sometimes the female/male is too old or too young and if they are put together, they will start fighting. When mating, the female has to hide in plants or behind rocks so that the male will not nip on her fins.yes because they smell

Can Siamese fighting fish live in seawater?

no. i tried that and they died. but you can feed your saltwater fish Siamese fighting fish. but this is not economic as they cost 4-5 dollars per fish.

Are betta fish and Siamese fighting fish the same thing?

Yes, the term Betta and Siamese fighting fish are both names for Betta splendens, the same species of fish.

How do you spell betta fish?

Exactly as you spelled it in your question; a Betta fish is also known as a Siamese Fighting is spelled "Betta", or its other name, "Siamese Fighting Fish." I know alot about Betta's. :D

What kind of light do Siamese fighting fish like?

Answer Siamese Fighting Fish I have 2 fighting fish myself. I believe that Siamese fighting fish prefer a dim light to being in bright light for example, or direct sunlight. Although they do prefer warm water, the lighting I think is preferred dark.

What type of fish is a Betta fish?

They are called siamese fighting fish

Is Betta fish same as fighting fish?

Yes. The Betta splendens (scientific name) known also by its common names Siamese Fighting-Fish and the Siamese Fighter.

A another name for betta fish?

Siamese fighting fish!

What is the Siamese fighting fish common name?

beta fish

Why is my Siamese fighting fish not eating?


Are Siamese fighting fish dangerous to humans?

No they are not.

Do Siamese fighting fish have poison?

No, they are not venomous.

What is the family for Siamese fighting fish?

a Betta

Do Siamese fighting fish fight snails?


Do Siamese fighting fish have teeth?


Can Siamese fighting fish survive with goldfish in an aquarium?

NO. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the fighting fish are tropical.