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Q: How do you breed a Pseudeos fuscata?
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When was Newnhamia fuscata created?

Newnhamia fuscata was created in 1886.

When was Phaonia fuscata created?

Phaonia fuscata was created in 1825.

What is the scientific name for the Japanese monkey?

Macaca fuscata.

What primates wash sweet potatoes?

Macaca fuscata (Japanese macaques).

What is the snow monkey's scientific name?

Macaca fuscata

Is the Macaca Fuscata name Latin?

"Macaca fuscata" is scientific name for the Japanese macaque or "snow monkey". Such names follow Latin rules for their formation, but often contain terms that would have been unknown to any speaker of Latin.

What is 'Macaca fuscata' when translated from Latin to English?

"Darkened ape" is an English equivalent of the Latin phrase Macaca fuscata. The feminine singular noun and adjective/past participle represent the scientific classification for the Japanese macaque. The pronunciation will be "muh-KA-kuh fuh-SKA-tuh" in Latin.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the bird Sooty tern?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Sterna fuscata.

What part of speech is breed?

Breed is a noun (a breed) and a verb (to breed).

When do deer breed?

the breed in the spring and they breed elephants

How to breed the crystal dragon?

to breed a crystal dragon is to breed mirror+wind but breed it several times

How do you breed your guinea pig if there's not a guinea pig to breed her with?

You can't breed it if there is not another animal for it to breed with.

Which Pokemon can breed with ponyta on Pokemon Pearl?

you can breed it with a ditto( found at route 218 after you have the natianal dex.) or breed it with another ponyta depending on the breed. if it is a boy breed it with a girl, if it is a girl breed it with a boy.

Can you breed Dalmatain Nintendogs dog?

Yep any breed of the same breed no mix breed hope this helps!

What dragons do breed to get a turquoise dragon?

turquoise dragons do because when they breed they normally breed there type like a human will breed a human and and turquoise dragon will breed a turquoise

When do salamanders breed?

salamanders breed were they were born they need water to breed.

What is the smallest hamster breed in the world?

The smallest breed is the robo breed.

What happens if you breed a horse with a different breed on howrse?

you get a cross breed. :)

Can you breed Charizard?

Yes, breed a male and female Charizard, or breed a female Charizard with a Ditto. Yes, breed a male and female Charizard, or breed a female Charizard with a Ditto.

If your Nintendogs are different color but same breed will you get a rare breed?

no you wont get a rare breed you will get the same breed but in a different colour ;D

What Pokemon can you breed?

you can breed any Pokemon but when you breed them you will get their first evolution in the egg

When a breed Terrier is listed can you assume this is not a non-shedding breed?

What is the breed for a terrier?

What breed of dog is in the film the breed?

It is not a Rotweiler I believe it is a Beauceron, a French Breed.

What is the heaviest breed of cattle?

The heaviest breed tends to be the largest breed, which is the Chianina.

Can you breed pokemon axew?

you can breed axew cause you can breed any pokemon