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You can not breed baby hamsters they must grow up before they can do that.

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When do good time to breed baby hamsters?


How do you breed father and daughter hamsters?

you cant it is bad for the baby hamsters it is called in breeding

What colors are baby hamsters?

All baby hamsters look the same: hairless and pink, it doesn't matter their breed or what color their parents are.

When do baby hamsters get their fur?

about a week later after birth

Can you breed hamsters?

yes you can breed hamsters

Can a male hamster have a baby?

Male hamsters cannot give birth to a baby.

When does hair grows on baby hamsters?

Hair usually grows on hamsters 10 days after birth.

Can you get dwarf hamsters to breed with out a male?

No, a vagina and vagina cannot make a baby!

How long are baby hamsters after birth?

about an inch or less i think

What happens when a hamster is pregnant?

They give birth to baby hamsters

How can your hamsters make babies?

Make sure you breed only hamsters that you have had for a long time, longer than 6 months.Good hamsters to breed are Syrian Hamsters. Get hamsters that are in good health, with glossy eyes and smooth fur. Slowly get the male and female hamster accustomed to each other and after about a week, there will be baby hamsters.

Do black bear hamsters breed good?

Do not breed your hamsters until you learn that "Black Bear" is not a breed and all hamsters breed the same. Do research.

Can you breed Teddy Bear Hamsters?

yes it is possibe to breed teddy bear hamsters because the daddy bear gets horny and has sex with mommy sperm fertilises the eggs and makes a baby

How many hamsters can hamsters have?

female hamsters can give birth to up to 20 babies, although the average is between 7-15. Before you breed have at least ten available homes, and only breed if you have knowledge about the care you need to provide and have homes lined up!

What breed of hamsters bite?

Well to be honest some hamsters bite and some hamsters don't but it depends what breed they are .... But a tip to beginners the best hamsters to get are Roboraskis !

When can hamsters breed?


When can you put the male hamster back with the baby hamsters?

You shouldn't put the male hamster back with the baby hamsters - but the male hamster (dad of the babies) can breed with his daughter/s (seperatley) when they are old enough. But never let sisters and brothers breed because this is inbreeding and that is bad because it can lead to serious health problems in the hamsters. A hamster is old enough to breed at about 10 - 12 weeks (about 3 months)

How old do baby dwarf hamsters have to be until you can hold them?

12-14 days after birth

What to do if I don't want to keep all my baby hamsters?

it's simple take the babies to any pet store after they are weaned. DO NOT BREED YOUR HAMSTERS IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO CARE FOR THE BABIES!!!

Can you breed two different hamsters?

Yes you can breed 2 different hamsters just like you can breed 2 different dogs

At what age should baby Syrian hamsters leave their mother?

Syrian hamsters continue to feed on their mothers until the 28th day from birth. Baby Syrian hamsters must leave their mothers as soon as it reaches 4 weeks old.

What are baby hamsters called?

Baby hamsters are called "pups".

When should you breed your hamsters?

a month after both hamsters' births

Where the heck do hamsters come from?

hamsters come from their mamma hamsters i should know i breed them

How many baby hamsters does a mother hamster have at once?

Hamsters can give birth to as many as 20 pups in a litter, though six to 12 is average.

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