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How do you breed fish?

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Breeding guppiesIt depends on what kind of fish you are trying to breed. Livebearers are the easist fish to breed for begginers. I breed guppies which are livebearers. All you have to do is put a male and a female in a tank together and in about a week, your fish should be pregnant. It takes about 1 month before the babies are born. When the babies are born, you should take the to adult fish out or else the babies are going to get eaten. The best food to feed the babies is bloodworms twice a day. They should grow very quickly. If you have anymore questions regarding breeding fish email me at Lisa Grant

make them hit each ither so their parts will hit

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What breed are fish with whiskers?

The breed of fish with whiskers is a cat fish

Can frogs breed with fish?

No, frogs cannot breed with fish.

How do you breed fish on Fish with Attitude?

You go to the breeding room and click breed and then pick 2 fish to breed, then when the fish are done, click lay egg.

How do you breed your fish on tap fish?

you get two fish that when you are buying them say "breedable" then once you buy them, go to the "Breed" section of the menu, and then click on the fish you want to breed, then press "breed" then wait 3 days, then go to the menu then press the "Breed" then there is your new fish

What two fish do you need to breed for the magic fishes on fish tycoon?

there is a series of fish you can breed to get the magic fish. The frist magic fish comes when you first get the game then breed a bunch of fish together untl you get the rest

Can you breed fish?

yep if you want to breed fish then don't try bettas because the fight to much. but if you do want to breed fish then id breed either swordtails mollies or guppies

How do you breed tapfish into different fish?

Well i posted this question but what i mean is you take 2 fish and then breed it and you get a combined fish can you breed the same fish but get a different outcome and btw this is on tapfish

Do Hikari Cichlid fish breed?

Well all fish breed. But just research how.

How do you breed fish in tapfish?

From the menu, open breed submenu, then choose two fish to breed Tips and tricks you can find at

How does fish breed on fishferous?

Keep your tank clean and fish happiness at 100% and they will breed when they are mature. :)

How hard is it to breed fish?

It is easy to breed fish provided you give them proper attention and care.

How do you get your fish to mate?

It depends on what kind of fish you are trying to breed. Some are harder than others to get to breed.

Do freshwater fish breed with other freshwater fish?

It depends on which fish it

What of fish breed starts with C?

clown fish

What breed is an Oscar fish?

Oscar fishes breed is Oscar

At which age does a molly fish breed?

Minimum 1 to 1 and half year old molly fish can breed.

What is the plural form for a newly discovered fish breed?

The pluralized form of the phrase "newly discovered fish breed" is "newly discovered fish breeds".

Can you breed a mosquito fish with a guppy?

I doubt that they can breed, a lot more depends on if two fish can breed than just their size, as far as I know guppies can only breed with other guppies.

How do you breed fish on fish life?

slap them with a fish, its good for them and keeps them healthy :)

Do fish have tonsils?

No fish do not have tonsils, no matter what type of breed.

How do you breed a galaxy fish in fish with attitudes?

Diamond and ruby

When do ice fish breed?

They breed, (Give Birth) to another fish a few days after mating, but be careful because the fish eggs are small and may be eaten by fish. (Not Sure answer but is close)

Can koi fish breed with goldfish?

if you mean "breed" not "bread" then yes they can

Can you breed betta fish in a goldfish bowl?

No and do not even attempt to breed Betta fish unless you know exactly what you are doing.

How is fish important to fish?

so they can breed and we can catch, eat, and have more fish in the world