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Legendaries cannot be bred. They do not belong to any Egg Group, and therefore cannot produce eggs (they also have no gender in most cases).

Without cheating, Legendaries cannot be bred.

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You are unable to breed any legendaries of any kind. That means you can't breed Uxie. You can't even breed the legendaries that have genders: Latios and Latias.

The only Pokemon Ditto cannot breed with are legendaries and other Ditto.

No, just rare since it can breed with any Pokemon except for Legendaries, which have no gender.

No, you cannot breed Legendaries with the exception of Manaphy.

You can breed about any Pokemon in SoulSilver except the Legendaries.

No, legendaries, but Manaphy, cannot breed with other Pokemon.

Yes you can. They are both part of the ground egg group. But you can breed any Pokemon (excluding legendaries) with ditto

All Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire can breed. Except for all legendaries.

The legendaries in Pokemon diamond or pearl.

No, you can't find all the legendaries in Diamond. There isn't a Pokemon game with all the legendaries in it. You can capture 8 legendaries in Diamond, f you want all the legendaries, you'll need to visit events, trade or migrate them.

Yes you can breed any Pokemon except legendaries and preevolved Pokemon.

there is many ways you can breed like cloning but the way i do it is get a ditto from leaf green or fire red or emerald migrate it to diamond and put it in the day care with the Pokemon evolution of the Pokemon and wait for the egg note: will not work with legendaries apart from manaphy

You can breed all Pokemon except: Legendaries, Babies and Eggs.

I assume you are talking about Pokemon Diamond. If you are, then yes, you can breed Pokemon in Diamond.


Ditto can breed with anything except legendaries.

Yes, I Think You Can! You need to trade a ditto from a heartgold or soulsilver. Or, you can go to palpark and migrate a ditto from silver or gold!

You cannot breed Legendary Pokemon without cheats, except for Manaphy with Ditto.

No, you can't breed legendaries, but this depends on whether you count Phione as a legendary. The status of Phione is unclear and there are even contradictions in official sources. You need to trade the egg with Manaphy in it, from a Pokemon Ranger game. After Manaphy hatched, you can breed Phione with a Ditto.

Have a Ditto and breed with whatever Pokemon you please at the daycare. You can't breed Legendaries. If you don't have a ditto, search which compatible Pokemon is best to breed with the Pokemon you want.

No. It is impossible to breed Legendaries besides Manaphy.

you cant breed legendaries

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