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How do you brew tea?


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When using a tea bagStep 1: Heat up your hot water. (boiling or nearly so)

Step 2: Put the tea bag in a cup and pour hot water over it

Step 3: Brew for the amount of time directed on the box (1 to 5 minutes)

Step 4: Remove tea bag. Add milk, sugar, or lemon as desired.

When using loose leaf teaStep 1: Heat up your hot water (boiling or nearly so)

Step 2: Measure out the correct amount of tea and put in a tea ball or tea strainer

Step 3: Put the ball/strainer into a cup or teapot and pour hot water over it (let steep for awhile)

Step 4: Remove tea ball/strainer. Add milk, sugar, or lemon as desired to each cup.

For iced teaUse instructions from above steps but after Step 4 immediately pour the tea into a cup filled to the brim with ice. Add lemon and sugar to taste.

Further Details:

Different teas respond differently to brewing. Whole-leaf teas tend to infuse slower than broken-leaf teas. Many types of green teas often taste better when brewed with water slightly below boiling, whereas black teas often taste best with boiling water or water near boiling. However, brewing is a matter of personal taste, and you need to experiment to find how you like to brew tea.

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put your loose tea in a coffee filter and tie it at the top . then your ready to brew your tea.

Tea can brew for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how stong you like your tea, and the type of tea being brewed.

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The best way to brew adiago tea is with a glass tea brewer. It filters out the tea very nicely. It's my favorite method.

You don't. There is no need to brew tea twice before drinking it.

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Since the hot tea is already hot, it will get hotter faster. The cold tea will take longer to brew because it has less heat.

Yes, although it is not the same as tea brewed with loose leaf tea.

In most cases the brew time is based upon your own likes. If you like strong tea you should brew it longer. If you like weak tea don't brew it too long.

The best way to brew a cup of tea is, get the water boiling then pour water over a tea bag in a cup. Add sugar or lemon and there you have it, a great cup of tea.

Yes, all tea has caffeine, unless you brew with decaffeinated tea.

It depends how strong you brew it!

The leaves of the Camellia sinensis (there are other varieties) are processed and used to brew tea.

It means to 'brew' the tea, or to allow time for the tea leaves to release their flavour into the hot water.

Tea is a beverage and the word tea is a noun. A synonym for tea is pekoe. Other words related to tea are brew, drink, and refreshment.

Yes it is, tea bags are made to be boiled. When you brew tea you have to put the tea bags in boiling water to make the tea.

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Unless you used instant tea you need hot water to brew the tea bag or leaves.

The best way to brew Matcha green tea powder is to heat the water and when it is hot to add the tea powder. Wait 3 to 5 minutes until the tea powder is perfectly mixed up with the water.

The water must be boiling - 100oC or 212oF

Material safety data sheets are provided by the manufacturer or importer of the chemical product. For Brew Rite Coffee and Tea Equip Cleaner, contact Brew Rite or the company that owns that brand.

plug in, add water, add tea, turn on, wait until its done, drink, pee...

i work there.. and its Tetley tea. we brew it then when its done we add ie to the top of the pitcher

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