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How do you broil a steak?


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Broiling a steak is a great alternative to grilling, and results in a delicious steak if done correctly. After you have chosen your cut of meat, the first thing you want to do is season your steak. You can season it by rubbing the meat with salt, pepper, and any other desired spices. For a tougher cut of meat, you may want to let it soak in a marinade for a few hours, which will add more flavor.

When your steak is ready to cook, then you are ready to prepare your oven. Make sure your oven rack is about four inches away from the broiler (heating element). Then turn your oven to "Broil" and wait for it to preheat.

Ideally, you should have a broiler pan for optimum broiling. Most newer ovens come with a broiler pan, which looks like a cookie sheet with an inset grill so the juices can drain. If you don't have a broiler pan, you can also use a shallow baking dish or a cookie sheet. Spray your pan or dish with cooking spray before placing your steak on it.

Now, you are ready to broil your steak. Depending on the cut of meat you have chosen, broiling can take anywhere from three to 15 minutes. On average, you will want to broil your steak about eight minutes per side. The best way to tell if your steak is done is to watch it while it is broiling. The louder your steak sizzles and pops, the more done it is. You can also tell by the color of your steak's edges. As the edges of the steak change color (red to pink to brown), that is a good indication of what the center of your steak is doing. When one side looks done, use tongs to flip your steak over and finish broiling.

After you remove your steak from the oven, it is very important to let it rest 4-5 minutes before cutting into it. If you cut your steak immediately, all the juices will run out. Letting it rest before cutting it will ensure that your steak stays juicy.