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you will need white,black and red to build a scale of a LEGO titanic you will need 2,228 legos to build it so it might take you almost half of your life to finish

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you need Lego's.

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Q: How do you build a full scale Lego titanic model?
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How do you build a LEGO titanic?

get some Lego and then build it simple as

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How do you ask LEGO to make a moddel you have made?

LEGO Factory lets you design, share and buy your very own custom LEGO model. Using the LEGO Digital Designer software you can design and build any model you can imagine. Simply download the free software, start building or choose one of the starter models, upload your design to the LEGO Factory Gallery and buy your own custom model through the online LEGO Store.

What Lego star wars set has the most pieces?

I think it is the full scale Millennium Falcon. Or the full scale Death Star. I got the death star a while ago and it is really annoying to build. Takes SOOOOO LONG It is the full scale Millenium Falcon that has the most peaices with over 5,000 lego bricks.

How do you build a LEGO?

follow the instructions and build!

Where can one go to find tutorials on how to build a tank out of Lego blocks?

There are a few videos posted on YouTube featuring Lego tank tutorials. SwissCheese707 demonstrates how to build a small tank. It is worth looking at the videos of the Brickologist, which include how to construct a model M8A1 Lego tank, as well as an AT-8 and a Panzer.

What is the first LEGO league all about?

To build Lego robots.

Are LEGOs built to the same scale?

Lego is generally not built to scale.

What website lets you build with Lego's through your computer?

The Lego website has a Lego app that you can download to build different designs. The app is linked below.

How do you build a LEGO m9?

You get a bunch of legos and build it.

What do you do after you build the rocket in Lego Indiana Jones 2?

you play it after you build the rocket in the Lego Indiana Jones 2.