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get some LEGO and then build it simple as

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Q: How do you build a LEGO titanic?
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How do you build a full scale Lego titanic model?

you will need white,black and red to build a scale of a Lego titanic you will need 2,228 legos to build it so it might take you almost half of your life to finish

Is there any Lego titanic Lego?


How much money did it cost titanic to build the titanic?

It cost more than £15600 to build the titanic

Which company build the Titanic?

in 1976 the company 'build a boat' had built the titanic

How do you build a LEGO?

follow the instructions and build!

What is the first LEGO league all about?

To build Lego robots.

What website lets you build with Lego's through your computer?

The Lego website has a Lego app that you can download to build different designs. The app is linked below.

How do you build a LEGO m9?

You get a bunch of legos and build it.

Is there a titanic LEGO set too buy?

no, but people have made huge Lego titanic models on the make your own set program on Lego's website. there you can design the titanic. but if you try to make it accurate it would be 5 feet long and would cost over a thousand dollars. basically if you have the money and patience to built one, do it.

What do you do after you build the rocket in Lego Indiana Jones 2?

you play it after you build the rocket in the Lego Indiana Jones 2.

What can you build out of LEGO?

you can build a computer;a house and a lego city

How do you find the LEGO city in Star Wars LEGO psp?

You get 50 gold bricks and build it and them to build a door