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How do you build a light bulb?

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Picture hanging wire 1 strand connected to a 6 volt battery!

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Why Charles Francis Brush built the light bulb?

in that time they were no light so he build the light bulb

Who was the first person who invented light build?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

What is the full date when Edison invented light bulb?

tge date of the making of the light build was 2100 tge date of the making of the light build was 2100

What makes a light bulb burst?

Excessive build up of heat

How do you power a light bulb off of wind mill?

build a mill then conect the dots build a mill then conect the dots

Did Thomas Edison build the light bulb in Ohio?

No he actually built it in family guy

How much volage does a light bulb use?

it varys from light bulb to light bulb.

Why won't the check engine light in a 2001 cavalier come on if the bulb is fine?

If you have trouble codes and the build is known to be good, but will not light up, you have a bad power feed to the bulb, or a bad ground to it.

Why do you have a light bulb?

Light bulb provide electrical light.

Is light bulb a compound word?

No. The light bulb is two words, not a combination of light and bulb.

What does a red light bulb mean on your porch?

It may mean a lot of things. You might have ran out of whit or a clear build and a red bulb was all you had to use.

How do you build a simple series circuit?

Take a battery. Connect wires to both terminals. Connect them to a light bulb correctly. It should light.

What happens to the brightness of light bulb emitted by a light bulb when the current in it increase?

If you increase the current in an ordinary incandescent light bulb, the light bulb will get brighter.

What is the plural of light bulb?

The plural of light bulb is light bulbs.

Where is the Light bulb list for 2005 cobalt?

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt Light Bulb Replacement GuideHigh & Low Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size:9007LLParking Light Bulb Size:3157LLFront Turn Signal Light Bulb Size:3157LLRear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size:3057LLTail Light Bulb Size:3057LLStop Light Bulb Size:3057LLHigh Mount Stop Light Bulb Size:912Fog/Driving Light Bulb Size:H11-55WLicense Plate Light Bulb Size:194Back Up Light Bulb Size:921Front Sidemarker Light Bulb Size:194Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb Size:194Map Light Bulb Size:2825LLDome Light Bulb Size:562Step/Courtesy Light Bulb Size:212-2

What causes a light bulb to stop giving light?

Two possibilities: the light bulb is broken or there is no electricity getting to the light bulb

What type of light is a light bulb that uses a filament?

A light bulb that uses a filament is also known as an incandescent light bulb.

Can a laser be made from a light bulb?

No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.

Can a worn out battery light up a light bulb?

It may be able to. You can try disconnecting the battery for a while to let it "build up" some power, at which point the voltage may be sufficiently high to light up the bulb for a short period of time.

How does a orange light a light bulb?

I think that the orange and nails light up the light bulb because the acid energy goes through the nails and into the wires connected to the light bulb and powers the light bulb

In 1879 this invention Thomas Edison burned for 13 hours?

The light bulb. The light bulb. The light bulb.

How do you build an incubator for chicks?

get a box. get a light bulb. the temperature=99 derees F humidity=50-60

Why is he light bulb called a light bulb?

A light bulb is named due to it being a bulb-shaped glass object containing a glowing element.

What is the function of light bulb?

A light bulb makes dark places light

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