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How do you build body?

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Work out every other day.

Make sure your diet includes plenty of calories and proteins.

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What does protein do in the body?

It helps to build the body

What molecules build your body?

the molecules that build up your body are: carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen

Waste products which build up in the body can become what?

When waste products build up in the body, they become toxic.

Is there anyway to build muscle on your face to make it wider?

It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body. It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body.

Is it possible for a small frame girl to become thick if her body build is not to be thick?

no it's body is naturally build by its own

How can i build extra size muscle and body?

Weight training is the best way to build extra muscle and body size.

How does the body use proteins?

Build And Repair Tissue In The Body

What does lethal build mean As in describing someone's body build?

Easy Lethal = Killer (mostly) Build = Body Put both together and you get "killer body". You know, like a boxer or a wrestler or a lifeguard. Muscular and toned.

How do we Christians build up the body of Christ?

Saints can use their gifts and talents for the good of the church to build up the Body of Christ.

What are synonyms for body?

A few synonyms for the body are physique, anatomy and build.

Does the body build immunity to certain stds?

No it does not.

What chemical is the direction to build your body?


What kind of body build do koalas have?


Can women body build?

Oh yeah.

What is the biggest reason your body needs protein?

To Build And Maintain Body Tissue

What would happen if there were no cells in your body?

You wouldn't have a body - there would be nothing to build it with.

Do women build muscle faster than men?

no men build muscle faster in the upper body and men and woman are the same in the lower body

What does your body do with nutrients?

nuitrients build our body with energy and improve the body immunity to fight against many diseases

What is used to repair and build body cells?


Types of body build?

weak average strong

What is use to build and repair body cells?


How does your body build an immunity to chickenpox?

you only get it once

How do you build muscle strength?

exercise and noroushing your body

Which nutrients can build and repair body tissue?


Why do we burp?

To let gases that build up, out of your body