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Performing a song in the school play

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Q: How do you build up more confidence to ask a 15-year-old girl out when you feel confident enough but whenever you see her she just kills your confidence?
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What is the adjective form of confident?

In context with what is written: She is confident with the new task. (adjective) She spoke with great confidence. (adjective)

How do you get confident enough to ask a boy out?

AnswerBe urself. Have confidence. Follow ur heart.I'm to scared tooooooooooooo

Can a guy like you for 6 years and not tell you?

Sure. Maybe the guy lacks in confidence and is not confident enough to tell you.

How Can you Ask A Girl Out Without Losing Confidence?

well first of all be bold and confident enough to where even if she does turn u down you still have that confidence or just be her friend

What does the Bible say about confident?

When reading the bible you have to think past what its saying to really know what its saying. I'm not sure if the bible specifically says something about being confident. The definition of confident is having a strong belief in something. So when Jesus told people he was the son of god he showed confidence because he believed it strong enough that he told people about it. He spread the word of god with confidence in him self which really makes a good person.

How do you ask if this girl likes you?

You should have the courage and confidence to get up and go over and talk to her, otherwise nothing will happen. If you feel confident enough that she likes you in the way you like her, take that chance and do it!

Help me be confident?

As a Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal I help many people become confident. Whenever you get thoughts such as "I am not good/attractive/intelligent/safe/loveable enough your confidence ebbs away. It doesn't change things whether you tell yourself, or some one tells you ,that you are good enough, the feeling still persists that you are not. And I know, that feeling is terrible; stops you from enjoying life, from doing what you want to do. Telling yourself to be more confident does not work because you are using the conscious part of your mind to do the telling. The belief that you are not good enough that is generating the feeling was created, and is stored, in your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis you get to talk to that part of the mind and make the changes that you need to in order to at last experience what it is like to feel confident. Hypnosis is a proven, safe and natural way to make the changes we want to in our life. You may experience using it for helping to make yourself confident by downloading the free self hypnosis mp3 at my site. Check it out (and more info on help to be confident) at Wishing you success in becoming the confident person I am sure you deserve to be. Stephen Gruber Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal.

What do you do to get a date?

be confident in yourself and always smile. focus each day on giving compliments to at least 5 people that you would consider dating. it gives them a boost of self confidence and lets them know you are interested at the least and are confident and nice enough to compliment them. (especially if that someone is a girl.) girls always love compliments!

What is Gateways School's motto?

The motto of Gateways School is 'Big enough to challenge, small enough to care and confident enough to succeed.'.

How do you know if a confident boy likes you?

If he smiles at you consistently, goes out of his way to talk to you, asks for your number, asks to spend time with you with his friends or by yourselves. Those are all sure-fire signs that he may be interested. If he's done all of the above, I'd be confident enough to ask him, and that'll show him that you can match his confidence with your own, and it may spark more interest. :-)

When are sheep sheered?

They are sheered whenever there is enough wool on them.

When does Nessie come out?

Whenever you've had enough to drink!

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