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How do you burn MP3s files onto a CD in the order you want?


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The easiest way is to rename the files, ie: Track001.mp3, Track002.mp3, etc.


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You can burn MP3s to a CD and they'll play just fine on almost any modern CD

Yes they can play mp3s. You just have to use iTunes to put music onto them.

Yes you can burn those pictures as data files onto a CD and it will hold thousands!

Not directly onto the game, but if you have mp3s on your system you can play them by going to Easydrive --> Soundtrack --> Custom

To burn files to a disc create a new Burn Folder on the Desktop from the Finder's File menu. Put the files to be burnt to disc into this folder and then click the Burn button at the top of the folder's window.

You can create a data cd. This will allow you to back up any files onto a disk. I would recommend you using a burning software, this will give you a option to burn a data dvd, select your files and burn.

If you burn Mp3s to a CD (Burn as DATA not Audio), then you will be able to fit far more music onto it.Providing you have a CD player that can play back DATA CDs this will work much better for you than burning audio.Instead of having upto say 20 tracks you could have 300 on one disc!

Power2Go by Cyberlink is a CD and DVD burning software. Power2Go by Cyberlink can be used to burn data files, music files, and video files onto discs.

You need a program like Nero 9 or something and then you just put in a CD and choose what files you want it to burn onto it.

Yes, you can put MP3 files on a CD, but the computer will only be able to read them, not a CD player or DVD player. You would be better off by putting those files onto a program that allows you to burn CD's such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, and add them to your library and then burn them onto the CD that way, so your CD player will be able to read the format.

An MP3 can be burned on a DVD using Windows Media Player. Alternatively, inserting a blank recordable DVD will enable "drag and drop" of files, including MP3s, to the DVD.

If you burn infected files onto an optical disc then those files remain infected and would remain on the optical disc permanently.

By inserting a blank CD and trying to burn some files onto it. Then taking it out and then inserting it in to see if the files are on it . If yes , then this CD burner is working greatly.

AnswerTo burn a CD means to transfer media files on to that CDSuch as if you wanted to give some music to a friend, you would buy a blank CD and then burn your music files onto that CD. CDs can be burned from a computer, another CD, a pen drive, etc.

If you have a regular car stereo than you cannot leave your files in the original mp3 format because they will not be read. Before burning your CD you have to convert the files into a regular music file. All CD burning programs allow you to do that, there is usually an option to either burn a music CD or an mp3 disc. Choose to burn a music CD. Some car CD players will accept mp3 discs in which case you can leave the files in their original format. The benefits of this is that you can fit a lot more songs on a CD and the track names will be displayed (where possible).

You need to use CD burning software and burn the files on to a writable disk. If you have windows XP or later, you can use windows explorer to burn files onto the disk like any other storage media

Copy and paste audio only files onto a cd into the disc drive and then burn it to the disk

why wont my music burn onto my cd's??

It plays any videos you have, basically. Also, it plays music files. You can create playlists of songs, too. You can burn songs onto cds, or stream media files from online.

It takes two procedures, first you need to download mp3 files with some tools, I recommend Then, connect your USB to PC, open it, drag the MP3s to the USB folder. Close the windows, click "Safely remove hardware" on the notification area.

Yes as long as you put all the necessary files onto the CD and the setup folder, it is possible to transfer your games from one computer to another.

If you burn a song onto CD, that means that you are copying the song onto the CD

You can download several PDF files onto your computer and then transfer them onto your Nook Tablet.

The thing is you can burn any kind of files into a CD. Though, there's no reason to burn torrent files onto a CD, since they don't work that way. You require a Bittorrent client to download torrents, and once your download(s) complete, they appear as the kind of files they are. For example, if you're downloading a torrent which contains a video (.avi) then you willl see the video file in your downloaded folder once it starts to download. Though, your video won't work until the entire download is complete.

To burn music onto an MP3 player from a computer, attach the device to the computer via the USB cable. Once the computer has detected the MP3 player, go to the file or folder on your computer where the music is stored, then cut and paste, or copy and paste the files. You can select multiple MP3 files at a time by holding down the Ctrl button. Go to My Computer and open the external device folder, then paste the files into it.

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