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How do you buy games for your iPod Touch?


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You can either go to the iTunes Store on your computer or go to the App Store on your iPod.

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There are no games on the iPod touch when you buy it. You have to download them from the App Store.

No there are no games already in the Ipod touch, you have to go to app store and buy them.

The iPod Touch does not come pre-loaded with any games.

You need to buy them off the internet on the iPod Touch.

you can buy anything for your iPod on iTunes store

An iPod touch is a touch screen ipod that you can play games and email for FREE!, you can download free apps or even buy new ones

If you're just looking for games and music, buy the iPod Touch. If you're looking for talking/texting games and apps, buy the iPhone.

The games for the iPod Touch were specifically meant for the iPod Touch and can only be played using an iPod Touch. If anyone could buy the apps for their computers, no one would be buying an iPod Touch. Thus, the apps can only work on the iPod, not on your computer.

Ipod touch.. too much money spent on a iphone and a ipod touch you can play awesome games and internet and pictures and music and lots more!

You can only get ipod games on an ipod nano or ipod classic. You can get apps on an ipod touch

Well it depends on what iPod you have iPod touch: yes iPod nano: yes iPod classic: yes iPod shuffle: no New touchscreen nano: no The iPod touch has the largest and best range of games. But the classic and nano games are good as well I hope this answer your question.

Yes sometimes you will have 3 but sometimes if you buy it at bestbuy you will get 3 games

No, you cannot. The iPod Touch games can only be played on an iPod Touch.

You can buy speakers for an iPod touch at any place that sells the iPod touch such as Best buy, Wal-Mart or even the Apple stores You can also look on their web sites to buy speakers for an iPod touch

On itunes you go to the app store and buy games. Then you connect your ipod to your computer and it'll automatically put them on the ipod. To download games directly to your ipod touch, if you have internet go to the app store and you can purchase games there

iPod TouchiPod touch is better than the Nano because it has every thing the Nano has and more. If you're thinking on buying a iPod buy an iPod Touch.

you have to buy and download games from itunes

Myself I would go with an iPod touch. But it really depends if you like video games, or music.

Yes, the iPad supports iPod touch games.

The iPod Touch does not come with any games.

buy them off of iTunes or the app store

you can buy a used ipod touch at exchange, the. over by target and bestbuy

No Games, are included with the iPod Touch, but you can get Games, and Applications by going to the iTunes App Store.

There are two choices of cards you could get. You could get the iTunes Gift Card or the App Card. Either one will allow you to buy games and apps for the iPod Touch.

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