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-You can buy an AC compressor bypass pulley on eB*y, that will hold your belt in place. I found it for $40.

You could go to the auto parts store and ask them for a belt on a car without a/c. It will be a shorter belt, and you will be able to operate your car indefinitely until you are able to repair/replace your compressor.

Good advice on the shorter belt, but there could be another way. If the compresser is locked up, but the electric clutch will still spin free, then simply never turning it on would work to a point. You can then never use your defrost however, because many cars cycle the AC compressor on when using defrost. You may be able to disable it electrically, remove the one wire running to the clutch, or easier yet, just pull the fuse for AC.

If the clutch is 'stuck on' as well as the compressor being locked up, this will not help. If the non-AC belt does not fit, you still may be able to get the right one, by running a piece of string or twine around every pulley, marking it then asking for a belt of that length. This measurement may be a little short because the string will be down against the pulleys, where the V-belts ride a little higher (the V gripping the sides is what turns it, not the bottom of the belt running on the pulley. Belts will stretch, but perhaps get one an inch or two longer than the string measurement.

If there is a bypass pulley you'd have to go to a dealer to get it. You can remove ac compressor and get a short belt bypass it that way. Same belt routing minus the ac. I just did my 2004 Ford Taurus used a 8206k belt. was a lil hard to get on or maybe I'm a wimp.

- 1998

817K6 from Autozone.

Assuming you mean install the belt without wrapping it around the compressor pulley then no. Unless you redneck it up and figure out a way to buy a smaller belt that will somehow wind it around everything else without the belt rubbing against anything. It is possible but not readily feasible.

The serp belt is made for specific engines and in a specific size. To not go around the AC pulley will require a shorter serp belt, which most likely is not available for your particular engine.

O'Reilly's Autoparts, MasterPro Belt # K060815 will allow bypass of A/C. Clearance is slight, but it works.

just did the smaller belt install today,you will need a 79inch belt for a 97 Jeep wrangler 4.0 with no air conditioming. real close to the seized pulley but very zone has them....

I tried this on a 2001 Taurus and had no luck. Even with a belt that "fits"

the application when not wrapping around the AC compressor, I was unable to get the belt tensioner to loosen and tighten the belt in the normal manner so the effort was fruitless. You would have to remove and replace components to keep the belt tight enough because the tensioner won't give you the expected tension.

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Q: How do you bypass the air conditioner on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?
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