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How do you calculate a betting reverse forecast?


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I'm not too sure what you mean, I'm assuming your talking about returns on a straight forecast bet??

There is no price given for a forecast, you can choose to take a showcast price but then that's a s/c bet not a f/c.

Forecast dividends/returns are determined after the result is known. If the return for T1 & T4 is £1.84 then this means you get £1.84 for every pound you staked.

e.g. a £10.00 straight forecast on a dividend of £1.84 would return you £18.40 winnings!

Hope that makes sense!

A reverse forecast is for your selections that comes in first and second, can come in also in the reverse order. So that is effect two bets. Example. 1.50 at Newmarket, No. 1x2 Reverse Forecast or RFC £1.00 In effect you want 1x2 for 50p or 2x1 for 50p. To calculate the bet, the race must be completed and a dividend declared for the winning first and second place. Which is mentioned above, and I hope that makes things even more clear.