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Q: How do you calculate ground pressure of an excavator?
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What is ground pressure of cat 245 excavator?

127.5 N per square meter

What does the lc stand for on a komatsu excavator?

Long Carriage, it means that the track and frame is longer so the ground pressure is reduced.

How do you calculate production per hour of excavator?

i think 9

How do you drive in bakau pile?

Bakau pile can be pile into the ground by using the excavation arm of a 20 tons excavator to press into the ground.

What is a excavator used for exactly?

A excavator is used when one needs to dig or excavate something out of the ground. Such as a broken pipe or a old gravesite.Excavators are very powerful since they may need to dig through rocks and clay.

What is the difference between an excavator and a skid steer?

An excavator is a large crane with a bucket, and is intended to dig deep into the ground. A skid steer is essentially a miniaturised front-end loader, although other attachments can be added.

How do you calculate osmotic pressure?

how can I calculate the Osmotic pressure in reverse Osmosis sistem?

How do you calculate bottom hole pressure?

What's the formula to calculate bottom hole pressure

Who exerts more pressure on the ground a women standing in running shoes a women standing in skis or a women standing in high heel shoes?

assuming they all weigh the same, they would be equal. if not, the heavier one would be exerting more pressure on the ground. if you are looking for an answer relating to pressure exerted in a specific spot, calculate it by surface area.

How you calculate pressure?

Pressure = Force / Area

How do you calculate static pressure if only CFM are given?

The CFM of the equipment are given, how to calculate Static Pressure for it.

How do you calculate suction pressure for air theoretically?

Air has a pressure, but not a suction pressure. Air pressure is measured with a barometer, you do not calculate it. Suction pressure is a concept which applies to a pump. Suction pressure = static pressure + surface pressure - vapour pressure - friction pressure.

How do you calculate pressure ratio of compressor?

Inlet pressure/discharge pressure

How do you calculate liquid pressure?

With a liquid pressure stick!

How do you calculate pressure in open channel?

You can calculate pressure based on Piezometers but without a measurement I don't know that it is possible. I would say you can calculate the pressure force by P=Z(bar)*gama(water)*Area(of the channel).

Why is the pressure on ground match more when a man stand on the question the when he lies the lies on the?

When a man stands on the ground his weight (force) is spread over a small area, causing high pressure on the ground (pressure is force divided by area). When a man lies on the ground his same weight (force) is spread over a larger area, causing low pressure on the ground (pressure is force divided by area).

How do you calculate actual vapour pressure?


How can you calculate area from force and pressure?


Is an instrument used especially in an aircraft for meausuring altitude?

Yes, it is called an altimeter. There are two types: pressure and radar. Pressure altimeters use barometric pressure to calculate height above sea level or MSL. Radar Altimeters use Radio signals to calculate height above ground level. They are usually only used during approach to landing and are rarely found on lighter aircraft.


It really depends, based on what data you want to calculate pressure. For a start, you can use the basic definition of pressure, as force divided by area.

In what situation does a hard hat not need to be worn when operating a 360 excavator?

When you aren't operating/when there is no overhead objects/or uneven travel ground incase of a overturn.

what does it cost to rent a mini excavator?

It is hard to say how much a mini excavator will cost to rent as prices very according to what type you need. When trying to rent mini excavator it depends on how long you will need the the excavator and other factors.

Excavator of ur?

The excavator of Ur, the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, was Leonard Woolley.

What is a wet kit on an excavator?

The wet kit is the water pump/radiator on excavator

What actors and actresses appeared in Ground Pressure - 2009?

The cast of Ground Pressure - 2009 includes: Kelly Gneiting as himself